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  1. Also just heard back from the plugin developer. I asked her if the vertical nav can be customized. Here's what she said: "The plugin can have the text left justified and you can change the background to be whichever color you choose. Most of the plugin uses CSS. However at times you may come across a situation where the header loads horizontally and then bounces to the vertical navigation. I have provided code to fix this issue, but you would need to have a Business Plan or Higher to use that portion of the code. "
  2. I just came across this plugin which seems promising. I haven't bought it or tested it. Anybody try this yet? https://www.rebeccagracedesigns.com/plugins/p/vertical-navigation
  3. Just heard back from SqSp. It's a bug on their end (no surprises there). Here's what they said: I can confirm this is related to an issue with Summary Blocks in Squarespace version 7.0 not displaying lightboxes, on our end. We’ve reported this, and this case, to our Engineering team, and they’re currently prioritizing the issue.Please keep in mind that there are many moving parts we need to address before we roll out a solution. We thoroughly test all fixes before they’re released to ensure they don’t affect other Squarespace components or customers.As a result, we can’t guarantee how long it will take to fix issues like the one affecting your site. Also, because of the volume of requests we receive, we can’t always follow up personally when the issue is resolved.That being said, customer bug reports are an important part of how we continue to improve our platform. If you come across any other unusual behavior, please let us know.
  4. SqSp support page suggests that summary blocks in grid or wall format should by default "automatically" open in lightbox when summary is from a gallery. That is precisely my situation, but it's not working. I just reached out to SqSp for help. I can report back when I hear. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205812708-Setting-images-to-open-in-a-lightbox#toc-gallery-pages--version-7-0- Here: Summary Blocks When a Wall or Grid Summary Block is connected to a Gallery Page, the images automatically open in a lightbox slideshow. The Summary Block lightbox color is always Dark. Captions display on hover. The lightbox slideshow affects clickthrough URLs: While viewing the page, images with clickthrough URLs open the clickthrough link when clicked, rather than opening the lightbox slideshow. When the lightbox slideshow is open, clickthrough URLs are disabled.
  5. @TrevorS, you are correct. This is new behavior and not how it was previously. (Also note that SqSp has changed the interface when setting up a summary block to look like 7.1, so that's another indication of a change). I've not fully explored where and how this limitation exists, but early indications are it's another in a long line of arbitrary changes with no notification from SqSp. @derricksrandomviews , you are mistaken. in 7.0 it has historically been absolutely true that you can set up a summary block and select lightbox-on-click for images. I have sites set up that do just that (i make a lot of art portfolio's for artists).
  6. This isn't working for me (I'm using 7.1). But I'd also like to learn how to have "continue shopping" in an empty cart have the same styling as all other links on the site. Thanks!
  7. Same. Would love this feature.
  8. Site URL: https://www.leonieguyer.com/ I want to change the rollover behavior of my site title only. The entire site is set to underline on rollover, which is great, but on the site title, I do NOT want the underline. Not sure how to do it. Been fiddling, but no luck. Here is the css I have for underlining (see below). Can I make this affect everything except the site title? a:hover { text-decoration: underline !important; } Thanks!
  9. Trying to give this one a bump. How can make it so lightbox images (NOT products) are pinch-n-zoom-able on a phone?!
  10. I have the exact same question. How to determine the weight we want for Bold!
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