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  1. @akshat01 Great code, really easy to use but how can I change the theme to match my site (www.oggyoggyteam.com) ? I'm using the Bedford template I have been playing around with some code but I can not get the effect I want. I have been mixing: - Placing this in my header code section: With: ( as a page code injection block) Read more <div> <p>Test text d;oakfgjadsofjh ;oih pfdi aogi pih dokg [diajfg sd' jz[ijv 'dlm 'zpdogj [fd0 zdkjv [fi jbds j'dfjf [i jdkjg sfij[apovj 'zpdj ij[j 0 08u [pojfd[dsij df jds g;oidshgpsig js[dijg s sd[sijg [fsi jg[sijg p9sdij poiudhfgp9sih g[sdijv 9[s8nug v[ isd jg[0</p> </div> With :-
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