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  1. @tuanphan It's the same link like above: https://humbeeshop.squarespace.com/shop/hand-sanitizer-disinfectant-gel-169oz50ml-packs-of-61224 PW: 2020 Right under the social share buttons, there is a comments section from the external widget of POWr, which I want to leave them in its original position (bottom of the page).
  2. @tuanphan Sorry, not very sure what do you mean link to product in screenshot 😞
  3. @tuanphan Here's the screenshot, is that what you need? (you can see the comments section is right below the social share buttons)
  4. @tuanphan Oh I just found this code will change the full-bleed gallery too 😞 Could you help fix it? (the gallery is right in the homepage bottom)
  5. @tuanphan Hi! I added it the the footer. The social share buttons move to under the cart button right but also the other external widget has been moved. Can I leave the comment widget in its original position?
  6. Site URL: https://humbeeshop.squarespace.com/shop/hand-sanitizer-disinfectant-gel-169oz50ml-packs-of-61224 PW is 2020 Hello! Is that possible to add a full bleed background color in one section? I tried to use div class the CSS but it cant display a full-width background.
  7. Site URL: https://humbeeshop.squarespace.com/ Home page: https://humbeeshop.squarespace.com/ Product page: https://humbeeshop.squarespace.com/shop/hand-sanitizer-disinfectant-gel-169oz50ml-packs-of-61224 PW: 2020 Hi I am wondering why above two page display different margin width? I checked the CSS style and they are all "auto 0" and with padding 4vw. But you can see the actual margin width differs a lot. How can I adjust the product to be as same as the homepage margin?
  8. @tuanphan Thank you! I've added a external widget (social share buttons) in the additional info section. How can I move it? URL: https://humbeeshop.squarespace.com/shop/hand-sanitizer-disinfectant-gel-169oz50ml-packs-of-61224 PW: 2020
  9. Hello, I want to know how to achieve that too. That will be great if I can add some icons to the product information section.
  10. me with the same problem these days. I created two sites and they all with the same issue (7.1 version).
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