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    CGDL reacted to mkritsch in How do I delete imported images?   
    I ran across this SS support page when researching how to delete imported images.
    "Deleting an image you've uploaded or a Getty Image preview removes it from the Imported tab. If you’ve used the image in multiple places, it will stay in the Imported tab until you delete all copies. If you're still seeing it in the Imported tab, you may need to empty your site's trash can."
    However, I'm not finding the statement to be accurate... it appears any image I import stays in the Imported tab, even if deleted from the page, not used throughout the site, and the trash is empty. Just curious if anyone else has put it to the test?
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    CGDL reacted to Brian85 in How do I delete imported images?   
    No offense to colin.irwin, or anyone else, but this is a little bit ponderous from a user/content creator perspective.  Is there any other reason for the inability to delete content that is uploaded?  Just for my situation, I'm an artist, I just need one site which I have, but there is plenty of uploading and removing, as work gets older and/or you make newer better work.  So there will be plenty of iterations.
    There are a couple ways to think about this.
    - I have uploaded content that is created by me, and I'm not saying anything will happen to it probably, but I therefore have no control that is on your servers once it's uploaded.  It's uploaded and can't be removed.  Little troubling, if I don't want it up there anymore, as the owner of it.  And isn't that akin to saying that SS now technically co-owns it, since its up and says I can't remove it?  Indirectly speaking.
    - Maybe there's a scenario - where I work with a studio, to produce some work.  I have the ok to upload and show it on my SS site.  But what if, for some reason, they want it down?  Granted, I can remove it from visibility.  But I still have a duty to them to remove it from any place they don't want it.
    - I linked my Instagram, but it initially went to a more personal account, rather than a work oriented account (which I had picked anyway).  But now personal images (safe for work, but still personal nonetheless), are in that Uploaded section.  And they can't be removed.  Not good.
    - Just looking at it practically - scrolling through the uploaded list can be a little cumbersome if there are a lot of old images in there.  Some may be undesirable to use anymore, but there are still older ones that are pertinent, so you still have to go through the list.  And it can be a little slow.
    - The functionality to do this very thing, is indeed there for Wix.  Just tested it.
    There are more scenarios we can think of, but no point in going on and on.  But from the perspective of the user and as a creator, it overall makes me a little wary of staying with SS, to be brutally honest.
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    CGDL reacted to Kwamzilla in How do I delete imported images?   
    Definitely something that needs fixing. 
    Especially with the "Duplicate Site" feature... What if you create a "template" and want to use it for a different client... But then they have all the old photos cluttering up their page!
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    CGDL reacted to wholeheartcreative in Anchor Links on 7.1   
    Okay minutes after posting this I found a combination of 2 solutions I found on the thread by @Robino: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/155752-71-help-with-anchor-links-not-scrolling/#comment-345416
    and @orangechandesign https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/152386-anchor-links-do-not-work-correctly-on-mobile/#comment-335263
    The issue was that it worked on all browsers on 7.1 EXCEPT Chrome Mobile. Now combining the both made it work for me for Chrome Mobile! 🙂 
    BUT it would still be soooooo goooood if there was an easier way! *cry*
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