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    BlakeHannah reacted to siweisong in Can you hide index subpages from your site's search results?   
    I'm also hoping this function will be implemented soon, I do not want visitors to see individual index pages or pages that I'm using as light boxes as native search results.
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    BlakeHannah reacted to abicon in Can you hide index subpages from your site's search results?   
    Likewise I have exactly the same issue.
    It is very bad experience for people searching. 
    Because index pages can be made up of many subpages that are simple... like a CTA or just a background image and a title for example,
    The search results link directly to the individual internal pages, which misformat when not viewed in an index structure and just have no real info.
    i have a client who considering scraping the project because the site search is so poor.
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    BlakeHannah reacted to digitalfreelancer in 7.1 background image lazy loading - how to stop it   
    Hi folks, in Squarespace 7.1 they've added a feature which loads the background image of a section only once you've scrolled to it. Generally, I really praise this move from Squarespace in order to make sites faster, but it is annoying when you reload a page you've already scrolled half-way down, and when you scroll up the images don't appear until the top of the screen is about 20% from the top of the image, so you're left with a blank area for the majority of the time scrolling through that section.
    I used to be able to manipulate the imagesLoaded function in 7.0, but I don't know how to trigger Squarespace getting the image src in 7.1. 
    Anyone know how to do this?
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