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  1. I don't have one live at the moment as i'm not able to make it look how i want! Ideally i'd like something similar to the 'Flash' layout but with an image on both sides of the screen and no text on either side!
  2. Hi All, I am trying to create a cover page that has two images side by side, with click through links to two different sections of my website. I have tried just creating a blank page and adding images but i really want the two images to fill the screen rather than just taking up the standard squarespace block in the middle. It seems a Cover Page is the way to go but all of the layouts have either one large image, half and half image and text, or a large grid of images! What can i do?
  3. My knowledge of CSS is basically zero... are you able to give an example of what i should use?
  4. Yes i feared the solution would be two accounts but i don't really want the double expense! Fingers crossed for a better solution
  5. Hi All, I am splitting the services i offer into two clearly different areas and i am trying to create a home page / landing page that offers the two different options as image links that will then click through to the relevant pages... if that makes sense? In my head i see it as two images side by side, one saying option A, the other saying Option B. I'd then like options a and b to have their own home pages with different menu items etc. Is this possible? I can't seem to find a way to do it. I'm currently using Forte template
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