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  1. Thank you both for your answers. Ideally, I'd like to retain the embedded text in picture and just keep the 2 testimonial pictures small. I'm going to try out ArminB's answer to see if I can get it working. Edit - Hmmm, I can't seem to get ArminB's solution working. Any suggestions? Gonna keep trying. Edit 2 - I found a very simple way to do this as long as you have a large image to work with. It turns out that I can drastically reduce the image size using edit - edit image, without affecting how it displays on the web. Squarespace won't automatically blow up images so I just had to make the
  2. Thanks Paul. The site is ccrunlimited.com.
  3. Thanks Paul. The site is ccrunlimited.com.
  4. I have a couple testimonial pictures (head shots) that are the perfect size when viewed on a computer screen but are huge when viewed on mobile devices. Is there a way to keep those photos a certain size when the page is viewed on mobile devices? Thanks!
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