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  1. @calligrapher007 no worries at all - happy to help! So Acuity doesn't play super nice with Campaigns BUT you can set up a series of follow up emails right within Acuity. If you're on either of the highest plans, you can have up to a series of 6 follow up emails. (The lowest plan you can only have 1.) They're timed based on the end of the appt so you can set it up to be X days after the class ends. More here: https://help.acuityscheduling.com/hc/en-us/articles/16676948151309-Email-notifications-for-Acuity-Scheduling-clients#01FGW55QACCN5C7GYS6YP7DRN0
  2. I also just noticed that Acuity (Squarespace Scheduling) released a new class template view of the booking page that could be really interesting for you 👀: https://help.acuityscheduling.com/hc/en-us/articles/16676870180237-Choosing-scheduler-templates#01FQHRMYK3WB22W0SQNABG3SST
  3. @Drew Robbins I agree that the best set up here favors usability over anything else! You want to make it as simple as possible for people to check out. The other thing I would keep in mind is that while it might seem tempting to offer a lot of options that people actually do better when they have fewer choices. There's quite a bit of buyer psychology at play here but the long story short is that decision fatigue really gets people down and offering too many choices can lead to people not buying anything at all which is the opposite of what you want! I would just keep this in mind and aim for launching a simple version of things first and foremost. You can always build in more options if it seems like there's a niche that's underserved but buyers do really well with pre-made bundles (no decisions required) and simple mix-n-match customizable products where they only have to make a few selections. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi @calligrapher007 so there's no limit to the number of areas but the thing I would pay attention to is the transaction fees. You can sell access to an unlimited number of member areas on your current Basic Commerce plan, however the transaction fees without a Digital Products additional subscription are 9%. The Digital Products add-ons range in price from $9 - $89 /mo... but the transaction fees drop from 7% to 0% so depending on the price point of your classes and how much you're selling, it could work out better for you to pay to be on a Digital Products subscription just to avoid transaction fees. By contrast, if you wanted to look at the Acuity Add-on that could also work really well for what you're trying to sell and help you maintain a better calendar and roster of students and that additional subscription would max out at $49/mo. None of the Acuity plans have any additional transaction fees. This just adds another layer that you might want to look at that technically you can set this up a number of different ways but cost-wise there might be one over the other that works best for your unique mix of product price point x volume. Let me know if this helps!
  5. Hi @Drew Robbins - I'm so sorry that I overlooked the important thing here which is the max number of product variations & variant combos! A product can have up to six options, with a max of 250 possible variant combinations. An easy work around in your case would just be to double up on everything so that every choice = 2 bars. For example: Select Flavor (2 Bars) Select Flavor (2 Bars) Select Flavor (2 Bars) Select Flavor (2 Bars) ... would yield 8 bars total. Happy to continue the conversation if you'd like to email me at hello @ kristineneil.com
  6. Hi @calligrapher007 - the good news is that you have a lot of options! 🙂 I might say to take a look at Squarespace Scheduling aka Acuity which has some really helpful ways to set up classes plus it has a Zoom integration. This would work if you're ok with the customer follow ups with your PDFs happen by email though because there's not a great way to have any sort of page for past classes with content people can access. If you were hoping to create a "portal" of sorts I would go with Member Areas over password protected pages because they're more secure and you can better control access. However, depending on how many classes you have, you could quickly amass a TON of member areas (assuming you need one for each class) which might not be practical. TL;DR you have several ways you can go and the best one is going to depend on a few factors such as how many classes you have and what your customers expectations are for post-follow up access. Hope this helps get the ideas flowing!
  7. @Drew Robbins I would check out how to add or update products in bulk. I have a couple YouTube videos on this if you'd like to check them out: Squarespace eCommerce Life Hack: CSV Import Tutorial How to Update Squarespace Product Pricing & Inventory in Bulk
  8. @Drew Robbins - The way to make this work is to set up a unique product for each size package. So in your case you might have the following main products: 6 Bars / Month 8 Bars / Month 10 Bars / Month Then, for each product, you'll set up the number of bars as product variations. Each product variation will have all possible options available so that people can mix-n-match but can only select from the number of options you've defined, no more and no less. They may choose to select all of the same flavor for each of the choices or do a different choice for each option. To better visualize this, see the image below for how my 3-product option in the demo shop is set up. (The variant names are called: Select Shape 1 Select Shape 2 Select Shape 3 And each variant allows the customer to select the same three options which for you would be the different bar types/flavors. I would go with a setup like this that utilizes all of the built-in capabilities of Squarespace Commerce without any additional code just to future-proof things. This would be stable and do exactly what you're needing it to do without any code. Let me know if this helps explain the set up or if you'd like me to take a look at your site specifically.
  9. Hi @Drew Robbins - I believe this setup is very doable but you may need to just change up the way you're going about it. Check out this demo site where I have something similar set up: https://passero-ecommerce-demo.squarespace.com/shop/subscribe-save?password=Passero As you can see, there are two "Subscribe & Save" options -- one allows you to pick 3 items shipped monthly and the other 5 items shipped monthly. The trick here is that they all can't be one product because, as you mention, there's no way for the price to vary depending on how many items are chose. (The price can vary based on which items are chosen, just not the quantity.) Would something like this work for you?
  10. @W-W You won't be able to pull that number into Squarespace checkout so you'll just need to use the PayPal checkout with Calconic. Your Squarespace site will just house all of the actual content of your website and then on a quote/pricing page you'll embed the calculator. Hope that makes sense!
  11. @W-W Yeah, I don't think that regular products (even service products) are going to work for your services because there are so many variables. I would take a look at embedding a custom order/quote form on your site instead. I describe this process using one of my favorite tools for it in this blog post but you could use another third-party form builder that allowed you to set up calculations if it made more sense for you.
  12. Hi @ehyche - the number of calendars you can add depends on your Acuity plan: Emerging - One calendar Growing - Two to six calendars Powerhouse - Seven to 36 calendars Enterprise - Unlimited So just looking at one of the higher plans might solve that issue. For the other issue, I think it would still be helpful to have the start and end times of a half day tour (i.e. 4 hour tour starts at 10am) but if needed you could always just set the "appointments" to be shorter durations and then hide the durations in the Scheduling page options panel. This will make it so the only thing the customer sees is "Half Day Walking Tour" or whatever you'd like to call it. Hope this helps as you consider whether you'd like to give it a try!
  13. @ehyche I think this would be the perfect use case for Squarespace Scheduling aka Acuity! Have you checked that out?
  14. @gnaut There's not a way to display the rates calculated by a shipping extension such as Easyship at Squarespace checkout. You can decide what rates to display to your customers though - either by setting flat rates or showing variable rates by weight. As you've discovered, the variable rates shown using carrier calculated rates by Squarespace can sometimes vary quite a bit and customers can definitely be turned off by surprisingly high shipping fees in the cart! I cover how shipping extensions work and how to set up a profitable shipping strategy in this blog post if it's helpful: https://kristineneil.com/blog/how-to-set-up-a-profitable-shipping-strategy-on-squarespace
  15. @OTD Well, this does seem like a bug and not working as expected. It is weird that adding the t-shirt would make things do what they are supposed to! I would definitely bring this back up to support and share these exact screenshots because it's very clear. In the meantime, what might work is creating a coupon code for a free t-shirt on orders over a certain amount. (This way it's not just free for anyone.) Customers would have to add the t-shirt to their cart and then use the code you provide but I'm wondering if this is the workaround temporarily? (The issue would then be people who don't want the t-shirt and skip it but I don't know enough about this store to say.) Want to give that a try?
  16. @OTD at first glance, this appears right to me. Your last screen shot shows the different shipping options for the different products; you can choose how you want each item shipped independently of the others. Where I could see this is maybe falling apart is on the order where you have the table and the slab. It does seem like that should display the options for each line item just like your last screenshot. Have you shared this with support?
  17. Hi @OTD - have you checked out Fulfillment Profiles: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206540667-Setting-up-shipping-rates#toc-create-fulfillment-profiles
  18. @SC2023 - Paul's answer above is spot on. To elaborate further, I always describe shipping on Squarespace as having two sides to an equation: On the customer side, you have whatever rates you set in Squarespace. This is what your customers are charged for shipping. On the merchant side, you have whatever rates you're charged by carriers. Using a shipping extension such as ShipStation can help you get better rates and streamline your fulfillment process. The two are independent of one another and depending on your goals you'll want to either have these two sides net out to zero or bake in a little profit, either by charging your customers more (not ideal) or paying less to ship than your customers are charged. The only shipping option on Squarespace that would show variable rates based on package size and destination zip code is Carrier Calculated Shipping. Just keep in mind that this controls what customers are charged NOT what merchants pay. Conversely, a shipping extension controls what merchants are charged NOT what customers pay. So even if you use carrier-calculated rates, a shipping extension can still be really helpful. Hope this helps explain a bit more how this works!
  19. I reported this to support earlier today and it was confirmed to be an issue and was escalated up the chain.
  20. Thanks @creedon! I think it's fixed! My client liked the "tabs without a plugin" idea a lot so glad we could make it happen!
  21. That definitely worked to get rid of the weird grey boxes! Now there are just two random bullets by the tabs to get rid of somehow!
  22. https://topnotchhomes.squarespace.com/models/p/fairview-4w3rt - right now I just have this code in the additional info section of this one product.
  23. @tuanphan - I have a client that I think must have found your code and she is having the same problem with the grey boxes as @ferguswood above. Any thoughts on how to fix? Thanks!
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