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  1. Hi, thanks it should be good to go now. https://capybera-tangerine-g3d5.squarespace.com/config/pages PW: qwerty
  2. Hi again, @tuanphan really sorry to keep bothering you! I got the language switcher working great but just wondering if you could check why the logo isn't quite centered
  3. Hi @tuanphan I actually managed to get the language switcher to appear and ALMOST working. The english button works perfectly but when I click "Spanish" It takes me to the spanish version but the home index page won't load.
  4. Thanks @tuanphan, the site is https://capybera-tangerine-g3d5.squarespace.com/en/projects. (pw: STUCHBURY13) Also wondering if you know anything about adding a language switcher button? I have created all the necessary multilingual pages and they are working properly ie spanish pages have the spanish navigation bar and vice versa with english but just can't seem to create the button to toggle between them.
  5. Hi @tuanphan I seem to be having the exact same problem. Did you ever happen to find a solution for the centered logo being ever so slightly off center? Please see attached image which shows the centre line (blue) and the logo ever slightly off-center. Please help!
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