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  1. This works great, thanks! My only dilemma is, it doesn't work if the page is part of an index. It only works if I take the page out of the index. Could anybody please help me with tweaks to this code or there's a way I can make a page in an index display the contents of a page that has this code? TIA
  2. Hi fredericG, Was wondering how you made the navigation title display the entire index page that you set up in the unlinked pages. I followed steps 1-4, but could get what you mean by anchors to the right index. I linked the link pages (under the folder) to the unlinked pages in the unlinked index page alright, but couldn't get the main navigation title (folder title) to display the scrolling index page. Can you let me know what I'm missing? I'm after the same effect that you did with your https://margarines-thibault.squarespace.com/produits/#supermarche
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