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  1. Everyone I think I solved this issue! Disable Ajax loading. Now the link format "https:www.yoursite.com/indexslug/#sectionslug" will smoothly scroll if you're on the index page and if not, load the page already jumped down to that section. This is working for me in Brine.
  2. Just chiming in that I, too have this exact problem with my Brine template. I've tried using absolute and relative versions of the link, but from other pages it goes to the page but fails to scroll down...
  3. Site URL: https://billhoran.com Whenever my site loads on desktop, the mobile default image flashes for a second, then video starts. it's not a big problem because the overlay "dim" is applied the whole time. On mobile (iPhone), the page loads and I see the mobile default image for a few seconds at full brightness, then the overlay dims it. Then, sometimes the video loads. It seems like that setting is loading later than maybe the rest of the page? It's really frustrating because I could make a dim default image, but it would get dimmer once the video loads. Is there perhaps a way I could not use the Squarespace default filters but dim it in code that would load immediately? Thanks!
  4. Hi folks, So I'm using the Bedford template, and creating a form for people to register for a daycare facility. You can see it in progress here: https://ajpreschool.squarespace.com/get-started/I would like to tweak a few things so it's not so gigantic and unwieldy. Particularly, how might I: Adjust the overall height and/or vertical space between form elements Adjust border / fill color of fields Adjust font / styling for the section dividers to make more prominent Adjust form element widths / arrange it so that every text input field doesn't take up the entire width. Would be nice to have, say, 3 shorter fields all on one line (like the name field automatically does) Make my dropdown box style not look like it's from 1992 (have similar size /style as form fields vs. browser default- see last field) Arrange radio button icons multiple across in a row vs. 1 per Is there a way to make a selection that exposes additional fields - for example have one parent info area appear by default, with a button that says "Add parent 2" and then show all relevant fields for that parent. There will also be an area for siblings where it would be nice to add as many as they have specifically Have a second address field block that has a checkbox for "Same address as first" (for multiple parents) Have a "View and accept parent agreement" button or something that pops up a lightbox which they have to click "Accept" (similar to a Terms and conditions) Any and all help appreciated. Suggestions welcome. Thanks!
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