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  1. This would be awesome if I can get something similar on my website www.blaxphoto.com I would really like the individual galleries to look like this in my portfolio! Anyone able to help?
  2. Nope 😞 Only works across Chrome, haven't been able to solve for Safari.
  3. Yes, yes I know justify has a bad taste for some web designers... However we should still have it IMO 😉
  4. Site URL: http://www.lifechuchak.com First, Squarespace please note that justify should be a standard feature in typography! Second, I've done this in the past with other templates but for some reason I can not get text to be justified in this template outside of the Google Chrome browser (specifically Safari). I've tried everything I can think of using inspector to throw in different wrappers and such, but I must be missing something. Any ideas?
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