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  1. Site URL: https://tricycle.org/beginners/buddhism/who-was-the-buddha/ Hello! I was wondering if there's any way to do this on Squarespace: So there's links on the left hand side of the page, which is fixed and the right side of the page jumps to the section click on. All the content is within one page, or a gallery sort of thing should go back and forth as clicked on the link. Hope this is clear? Looking forward to know if anyone has a solution 😀 Kind regards and good vibes, Pawan
  2. Hey @colin.irwin We already have a wholesale site set up: https://wholesale.z-w-c.com/ We are looking to transfer it under our retail website otherwise we can't put reviews we get from reviews.co.uk on both sites. Have to be under one domain and under one Squarespace platform. Isn't there an easy CSS / HTML code we can add to display all prices -20% on certain pages? Kind regards, Pawan
  3. Hello! We are trying to put our wholesale Shop page under our normal retail website too. But we need to show prices without 20% VAT to our wholesale customers. Is there any CSS or code that displays the pricing -20% on Product specific Catalogue page and specific product pages? Attached below in red are the values we want to take 20% off. We need to take 20% off since Wholesale customers just like to see without VAT included. Of course, 20% VAT will be added automatically at the checkout. Looking forward to hearing from the wonderful community. Kind regards and good
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