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  1. I'm having an issue with galleries on my site. Any new images I upload to it, 1800x1200, are only being served as 1500px. Any images existing on the site already get served as the full 1800px file in lightbox. I've tried uploading all sorts of images that work elsewhere on the site. It's only anything new that I upload that gets shown as a 1500px file in the lightbox. I have enough screen real estate for the full file to fit, nothing has changed except that it started doing this with new files uploaded as of today. I even tried making a new gallery and moving all the existing files to that, then uploading new ones, and it still does the same thing with any new ones. If I open the image in a new tab and change the end of the url to =2500px instead of 1500px, it serves the proper file, so I know that it's on SS servers. You can see here: https://www.alexnoriega.com/2019 Twenty Below, Craquelere, Morning Brush, and Ephemeral are the images having this trouble (because they're all newly uploaded).
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