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  1. I've attached a screenshot, if you scroll down when adding a new item to your website, under MORE, you'll see CODE, click that and a code box appears, and you can insert code wherever on your page.
  2. not dumb, I usually put in the body of the website. But I've seen above the header too and that seems ok. If it's things like recipes or reviews, then you'd want to put the code as close to the recipe or review on the page as possible. At that point you'd have to add a code box in squarespace. hopefully that helps!
  3. I ran it through google web console and asked them to index immediately after and much of our markup appeared to show up not long after.
  4. Hey gfmgrp, I add it in the code injection. . . if you go into settings then advanced, you'll find code injection. you'll see at https://www.shineacupuncture.com and https://www.luchitas.net I've added code I created with the help of https://www.jamesdflynn.com And if you run either of those sites through Google's tester https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/u/0/ they work! Hope that helps!
  5. Perfect! All I needed. And worked. Thank you!
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