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  1. Hi all, Anyone know if multi-currency selling is likely to come to Squarespace any time soon? Really like the e-commerce features in Squarespace in general, but this represents a big hole in the feature set and it's stopped me from recommending Squarespace to clients a few times in favour of other e-commerce solutions. Any info / workarounds / thoughts gratefully received. Cheers Chris
  2. Although Google is giving us Core Web Vitals stats now, we theoretically have until May 2021 until this starts to affect rankings: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-core-web-vitals-ranking-signals/387142/ So for now I'd be surprised if you're being penalised for not hitting the CWV targets. It might be worth considering whether there were any significant changes to your content, backlink profile etc. that could have resulted in a dip in rankings? It could also be that your competitors upped their SEO game recently too. Another thing might be the fact that mobile-first indexing is due to be complete this month: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-mobile-first-indexing-deadline-march-2021-30974.html#:~:text=Google's revised mobile-first indexing,September 2020 to March 2021. There have also been a few (unconfirmed) Google algorithm updates lately, which may also be affecting things. Loads of variables to consider! I do hope Squarespace give us some clarity on the Core Web Vitals issue before May though, as all Squarespace site owners stand to be negatively affected it. Good luck sorting the SEO issues out.
  3. Bump! Getting nowhere with Squarespace support on this issue. A lot of vague talk. Has anyone heard anything about this? Millions of Squarespace sites could be affected negatively by this and it's hard to feel entirely comfortable / ethical recommending Squarespace unequivocally as a platform to new clients until this problem is addressed. Anyone else got any news / thoughts?
  4. Hullo, have been contemplating moving a particular site to another platform (Shopify or Bigcommerce) in order to be able to display products and facilitate checkout in local currencies. Before I take that plunge I was wondering if anyone knows if Squarespace plan to introduce that feature in the near future... (Or has any workarounds to suggest to facilitate it). Thanks!
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