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  1. Hi @silvabokis,

    My site is melvin-sng-fpk3.squarespace.com. I'm trying to identify the id of each of the flags. I tried using nth-child(1), but the style I applied will affect all the flags.

    .sqs-block-summary-v2:nth-child(1) a { pointer-events: none;}

    Anything wrong? Can you please advise?


  2. @Caue, Thanks for being interested in the challenge. It is indeed interesting.

    I removed the button since I could not get it to work. I have put it back on the main banner. It's the "Watch Video" button. I have now created the gallery grid as part of the index. You should be able to see the same.

    I tried looking at the console but there is not error message. I have tried adding the script at multiple locations - Advanced > Code Injection and "Advanced" tab of the index page. None works. :(

    Hope you could help me. Thanks!


  3. @Caue, I'm looking to implement this in my website melvin-sng-axe3.squarespace.com.

    I should have made a mistake somewhere because nothing happens when I click on the button I created for the javascript.

    What I did was:

    1. I created a page under the Not Linked section to contain the gallery grid.
    2. I created a button on one of my index pages with the javascript.
    3. I put the above script via Code Injection section under Advanced settings.

    Would you please advise?

    Thanks in advance!


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