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  1. I recently switched from the Peak template to the Impact template. I have three forms that are managed through a script that sends the data back to our donor manage system coded into the page. The script loaded and functioned perfectly on the Peak template, but now that I have switched to the Impact template, the scripts won't run on initial load. You actually have to reload the page to get the form to show up. Since the same script worked on the old template as well as on the new template once the page is reloaded, it seems pretty obvious to me that there is some kind of error in the code base for the Impact template that is not executing the script on initial load. Jessii from Squarespace has been giving me the runaround all week, insisting that the problem has to be with the script, when it clearly isn't. Anyone out there have any idea what else I can do on my end to encourage the script to load? (Or alternatively, to reach someone at Squarespace who can actually aid me with this problem?)
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