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  1. Hi Guys, How to change the position of the variant on mobile to show right after the add to cart and before product description. Thank you, Camila Screen_Recording_20240615-231822_Chrome.mp4
  2. Hi, As many of you I'm also struggling in adapting my PC version to my mobile version, I manage to make OK for most of it, but my 1st session/blocks is not working mainly because I have an image and text overlay in white, so I can not move text bellow the image since my website has a white BG. Is there a CSS I could use to keep the session same in PC and mobile? My website is https://www.blushbijoux.it/ and the password is Querosol TY!!!!
  3. Totally agreed what joke that is... I'm SOOOO mad right now. I started a topic to ask how to disable mobile. Let's see if some one replies. https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/287652-disable-mobile-version-71/
  4. Hello, I gave up, honestly I'm so frustrated with Squarespace if I was at a less advanced stage of my website I would totally try a different platform. I had Squarespace up to 2020, then I changed to Shopify, it's crappy, but SS is now worst #crybabycry. I need to disable mobile version, I can't take this sh*&* anymore. Honestly I'm not sure why all the lies that you could work on a mobile version if you can't change text sizing or color, what's the point? At least SS should be true to what they offer. Just tell me how to do it. Please don't ask why or how you can't help, it's not fixable. My website is blushbijoux.it and the password is Querosol TY, Camila
  5. Hello Creedon, Thanks, but I completely gave up. But a solution for the future for other people could be create a second shop page, this way each shop will have different banner, but unfortunately if they are just different categories for of the same main product it will not work. Example Jewelry category rings and necklaces, would have same banner, but if you create a second shop for bags that could have a different banner. TY, Camila
  6. Hi, Thank you so much for the workaround, but I really have a lot of products it will be too much work. Perhaps in the future I can purchase an extension I saw. Best, Camila
  7. Hello, I'm trying to add a different section to each different store page category, but it looks like the section added is replicated in each different category page. I can't believe it! Am I doing something wrong here? (don't mind ugly images it's just a trial :P) Also I had this idea to add a Form Block to store page, and I would add different color do show that product had more colors available, but I noticed the block moves to the bottom of the page as more lines of products are added, and that it's also replicated to different category pages. Can how can I fix that? TY, Camila
  8. CSV File https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hK2-bMC5znN4vBlU6iWCikJEQYo4kD1zeSIjrEhHSjI/edit#gid=744777496 CSV UTF-8 File https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o7oxcYRyTyWF--dvzaKGyKrp_YTXqeHqYv-lwGIVAnU/edit#gid=1385839252
  9. Hello Everyone, Maybe someone can help me, I'm trying to import a CSV file from from Shopify to Squarespace, the file works and I see no errors, but images are not importing. I already removed the hyperlinks and also changed the original file form htts:// to htt:// as suggested here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000378108-Importing-products-from-a-csv#toc-images-aren-t-appearing-after-import Still did not work. Also I tried saving the file as CSV UTF-8 and CSV, still nothing. Squarespace was not able to find out why. Thank you, Camila
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