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  1. I think it would require javascript to work - I'll let you know once I've found it!
  2. No. I've been trying a bunch of random flexbox code that I've found by googling - even trying css grid but no go. I 99.5% don't know what I'm doing or if this is even possible. Not giving up tho - there must be a way to break their stubborn grid.
  3. Hey guys, would it be possible to use flexbox or some other technique to turn the grid layout on the Brine blog into a masonry layout? So instead of a fixed grid you'd get something that looks more like the wall summary block. I've seen a plugin for the grid gallery that turns the gallery into a masonry layout and that plugin uses javascript - maybe that's the only way?! Just hoping someone with more knowledge can give me some insight into how this might be achieved for the brine grid blog. I'm using this trial page to test this out: https://nouvou.squarespace.com/news password - demo
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