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  1. Hi @softworks, thanks for the code and explanations above, I'm sure this is helping many people wanting to build multilingual sites. I'm completely new to squarespace and I have no coding knowledge. I've tried following your steps and explanations but it's not working. I'm using the Nueva template to build a multilingual site (4 languages). Does the code above work for the Nueva template or are there many changes that need to be done in order for it to work? For me it's not working, but it maybe be because I'm a complete novice in coding and I'm not implementing each step where it should go... On top of that I need my footer to be page specific for each language, but the Nueva template doesn't offer specific footer content for each page, therefore if I translate the footer in the English section for example, it will do so for every page, resulting in a Spanish content page with an English footer for example. I see that you've managed to do this for your website http://www.inselhostel.com but I'm not sure if it's because your template allowed this or because you've implemented a code... Can you or anyone help me out here. I would be so greatful! ThanksMy site underconstruction: https://joaquim-benet.squarespace.com/
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