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  1. You are a gifted artist.

    In regards to your site:

    The website header size on some pages is a bit frustrating to me. For example, the header on the Louisiana Art page could be a selling point for you if you revealed a bit more of the painting. My sense is that "framing" a header is similar to framing a photo or painting, in that there should be a focal point. So, the glimpse you display is a bit disconcerting. That photo seems more of a placeholder than a means to tell your story.

    Have you considered using other categories, such as portraits, still life and nature or New-Orleans-inspired, then adding sub-categories original and gilded art? If it were my site, I would want to grant the visitor immediate access to his product of interest, say portraits.

    I would also provide photos of your winning books or illustrations and your paintings of noteworthy individuals, then describe them as such. Many of us love art and appreciate the demands of the craft, but all of us tend to fall victim to the celebrity effect. It's the age of influencers.

    In my opinion, if you think of your site as a canvass to illustrate your story as a fine artist, just as you illustrate a book, your offering will come to life.

  2. Hello,


    The epoxy art is lovely and the colors vibrant.

    I give a site very limited time to convince me that I can find the product of my dreams there.  So, as a site visitor I want to know what serving items I might purchase: coasters, a cutting block of x size, and so on. I don't want to be required to look through the blue, green and pink collections to see what colors I might purchase one particular product in.

    I also want to know the type of wood used and some proof that the items are safe for food service. Hand crafted?

    Equally important, do you offer a particular set of products that are customized in the same abstract manner, the main difference being that each item comes in one of three colors? If that's true, when you name each separate product in the "Blue" collection, for example, a different name that seems to refer to the decorative pattern, rather than the product's function. So, I'm going to assume that if I ordered three "Rivers," I'm going to get three exact replicas of what I see in the photo.

    Good luck!




    Have you considered a second review of the items you include in your "...Directory of Leaders?"

    Speaker, Consulting, Web, Advisory, Tech, Diagnostic don't seem informative categories to me. I'm assuming anyone that's an "expert" is a speaker, for instance.

    You might consider visiting a noted business publication, such as Harvard Business Review, to identify common topics by which to categorize business functions and thus your leaders. Do the same for the technical categories.

    IMO, leaders will not spend time searching through the set of all the professionals listed on your site as a speaker in hopes of identifying one who speaks on the topic of disruption or artificial intelligence supported strategy, or super teams or killer ideas, for instance.


  4. CIOs, CEOs, CFOs seek specific skillsets. It seems to me you've already designated these individuals as experts by their inclusion on your site. If I have 10 seconds to scan your home page, and I read "Top International Coach and Consultant" I'm moving on. 

    I want to know what skill(s) set these individuals apart. For instance, one person's label is "Top International Consultant and Coach" but then you say 'Strategy Coach and Facilitator." I don't know if she has multiple international clients as a (What Kind of Strategy) Strategy Coach, or if her expertise is actually someone who supports international business, such as strategizing the import of products to US from a foreign country or vice versa.

    People also specialize in certain strategies: Is she a  growth strategist? M&A strategist? Co-opetition strategist? What? One person doesn't do it all well. Then, on the second line she purports to be a specialist in organizational learning. And then, she says she's also a leadership expert.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with your site!

  5. Congratulations on your personal accomplishments in the world of sports and on your acquisition of a long list of clients.

    Your website conveyed your interest in sports from a participant's perspective. If I were seeking a photographer, there are some questions left unanswered.  I did not recognize the answer to the customer's questions "What can this business do for me?" and "What tools, training, expertise, practical skills will enable him to do my job better than anyone else?"

    Take a look at the sites of other nature photographers, environmental photographers,  or sports photographers (I'm not sure which market space holds your interest.)  For instance, https://artwolfe.com/about/   https://www.chrisburkard.com/Pages/About  It's the expected: Who, What, Where, When, Why and HOW.

    Good luck with the site! and good fortune on your adventures.

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