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  1. There absolutely needs to be an in-store pickup ONLY option available for products that are ONLY available for pickup. This option needs to replace any other option available under the shipping tab in checkout. The downsides to the solution suggested above are too big to even bother. The workaround is currently to select "service" when creating a product ... which means, that if I ever want to switch to a shipping option, I have to recreate the bloody product. Need some flexibility here Squarespace. Pickup is now the standard thanks to Covid, but we need to be able to adapt when nee
  2. Well, this explains why so few people have downloaded my free book. I'm selling a physical book and a free digital download of the book. Customers absolutely should NOT need to enter CC info to download a free product. And yes, I want people to go through the purchase process. This is not a straight-up free download. It's a product. $0.00 should be "FREE".
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