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  1. My experience over the last several months of updating and editing my site has been that small changes in one area will for some unknown reason lead to multiple blocks in other areas getting longer - essentially doubling in length, requiring the tedious 'reforming' of sections of blocks. For example I can take a section of invisible (to the end user) code out of an embed, and then later discover adjacent text blocks have resized themselves, pushing or overlapping other blocks, and ruined the format/readability of the section. This can happen on any page, seemingly at any time. Can't figure out why exactly, because doesn't happen every time, but enough for me to have to google it and come here about it. Like Tankgurl said, very frustrating.
  2. Just ran into this today. So far, haven't found a way. It would be helpful to be able to add some unique schema here, but I'm unable to add/edit any metadata for these pages, nor am I able to add an embed block specifically for each unique category page that shows only there. Everything reverts up the main product/service page.
  3. Experiencing this when attempting to update page header code injection in products page. *Update* Although I get this message, and the option out is to 'discard my changes', those changes ARE showing up when I re-enter the settings/options, even though I was forced to discard. For ex- changes to SEO Description or Code Injection. If it doesn't work after changing one factor, try making your main change, then making some other insignificant change, then backing out via "discard".
  4. Google flat-out says that such errors can prevent your site from being eligible for rich results. So if rich results is a priority and a ranking factor, isn't this a risky thing to just ignore? I've been wrestling with these errors for over a month now. Making all kinds of little tweaks, removing elements, etc. to no little or no avail. The mobile friendly test tool says the site (https://iphoneintact.com) checks out, but when the actual crawler comes around later, it consistently generates the error. And there's nothing from google acknowledging this duality - their tools, reading the same site, and yielding two different results.
  5. Still an issue - not supporting webp puts Squarespace in an elite group - just them, and internet explorer.
  6. https://iphoneintact.com

    Feel free to offer constructive criticism on the site. Always looking to improve, still much to learn.

  7. I second this. securityheaders.com rates my site "D", essentially for missing something that seems easily added in Wordpress, but is completely out of reach for Squarespace users? Another example of what I'm calling the "Squarespace exchange" - a growing list of long term sacrifices you make in on-page optimization for seo, just to get an 'easier' build up front. I'm teetering on migrating my sites up and away...
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