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  1. @aaronembreyWe ended up signing up to Squarespace Campaigns and then you can send product specific mailers automatically after product purcahse!
  2. Site URL: https://crimson-octahedron-ct3w.squarespace.com Having trouble with apple pay, when order is put through on phone using apple pay, the payment goes through and then screen stays on checkout, even thought I receive email confirmation on email. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. They are here: https://crimson-octahedron-ct3w.squarespace.com/shop
  4. Site URL: https://crimson-octahedron-ct3w.squarespace.com Please could someone help me to hide product categories on mobile?
  5. Site URL: https://crimson-octahedron-ct3w.squarespace.com/config/ Hi there, I am working with a client who is having major issues with adding, removing, re-ordering images on their gallery page. She is using Windows 10 and see can't even scroll the gallery pop up on back end. Is there anything she can do to fix this? I have advised clearing browser cache, reloading etc. Many thanks Sophie
  6. Site URL: https://crimson-octahedron-ct3w.squarespace.com/config/ Hi there, I want to change the styling on the dropdown on my website, I would like the font lower not caps, and to add more padding between the items, and to create a rollover effect so the individual options are clearer, and left align. Please could someone advise on CSS to help me with this. Thanks
  7. Site URL: https://crimson-octahedron-ct3w.squarespace.com/shop Hi I would like to style the product category filter, thats show at the top of the shop page: https://crimson-octahedron-ct3w.squarespace.com/shop I would like it smaller bolder font upper case letters and ordered: MAKEUP LESSONS | SKINCARE | SPRAY TAN | BROW TREATMENTS | PAMPER PACKAGES | BRIDAL TRIAL | GIFT VOUCHER And I would like to hide it on mobile! Thank you in advance for the help!
  8. @paul2009Ok great I will look into it, can I setup different mailers for different products?! Thanks again!
  9. Hi @paul2009 Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate that. I will reach out to Squarespace support! Do you know if its possible to automate product specific mailers from Squarespace marketing instead? Many thanks Sophie
  10. Site URL: https://crimson-octahedron-ct3w.squarespace.com/ Working with a client who sells a variety of different beauty treatments, online consultations, and make up lessons. She has several pre consultation forms that she wants to include on customer emails after they have purchased. I have suggested that the email contains a link to a password protected page where they can fill in the form. However some products theres no need to fill in forms, so she doesn't want them to have the password etc. Is there a way that when user buys certain products they receive a order confirmation spe
  11. Hi I have tried to use custom line height for a specific block see below: #block-1a9d346fabceab370dcb * { line-height: 15px; } This only changes the paragraph of text how do I change the line height of the title above, its H4 and image overlay.
  12. What custom css can I use to define line height for a specific block on the H4 only?
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