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  1. Yes, that's very close to what I had in mind. I can make that work. Thanks!
  2. Thanks tuanphan, That CSS puts the text to the bottom and left of the title .png, however I'm trying to get the text down to the bottom of the landscape photograph that's the background. I suppose I can adjust your CSS to something like bottom: -325px; but that doesn't end up being responsive.
  3. Site URL: https://www.flowerchildthefilm.com/ In 7.1 is there a way to align blocks to the top and bottom of a section? I have a top aligned section with an image block at the top (holding a .png). Below that I've got some text (A Film By...) which I'd like to align to the bottom of the section, basically near the bottom of the background image. Using spacer blocks or inserting line breaks just distorts the background image's scale, which I'd rather keep as is. Anybody have any thoughts?
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