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  1. I am indebted to Brandon on Stack exchange for this answer Sometimes the blog-related styles don't show up by default, and you cannot search for them. To ensure that they appear: navigate to your blog page first (the page with the metadata you want to change), while logged in and editing your site. Then, go to Design > Site Styles. At this point, the blog-related style settings should be in the list; you can search for them by typing "blog" in the search field in the sidebar. Alternatively, click on the area of the web page that has the blog meta and the settings should appe
  2. I've found some more information. Apparently the metadata is supposed to be accessible via the Design > Site Styles settings, not directly from the blog page itself. However the Site Styles menu does not offer any Blog settings, let alone metadata, as far as I can see.
  3. I am trying to follow the instructions for Hiding a blog post's author and publication date using the Brine template, but I can't find how to access the Blog: Metadata it talks about for this template. I'm obviously missing something simple.
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