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  1. Site URL: https://kico.squarespace.com/ Hi! I'd like to change the size of images displayed on the galley home page of the Flatiron template. I tried targeting the individual image id's in the custom css section but maybe I have to add styling or a script to the page header? I'm not really sure. In the image below the 1st image shows a width and height of 358. I want to change that to 720 and adjust other images. Any help would be appreciated. I can provide a pw to the site if you need it. Thanks!
  2. I used all of the below. Also tried #pageid instead of .collection. .Collection-5f455f51abda56627b0f9b71 .Blog-meta Blog-item-meta .Blog-meta BlogList-item-meta .BlogList-item-title { display: none; } .Collection-5f455f51abda56627b0f9b71 time.Blog-meta-item.Blog-meta-item--date { display: none; } .Collection-5f455f51abda56627b0f9b71 .BlogItem-title .Blog-meta Blog-item-meta { display: none; }
  3. @tuanphan I'm targeting .collection-5f455f51abda56627b0f9b71 or the id #coaches and neither works. Am I targeting the wrong thing?
  4. @tuanphan Sorry. Just edited the url. Here it is. https://www.missionvalleygymnastics.com/coaches
  5. @derricksrandomviews @IXStudio This is what I came up with. I want the title but not date to appear on the blog page. And neither the title or date to appear on the individual posts. It's not working. Any help? The page is here. .Collection-5f455f51abda56627b0f9b71 .Blog-meta Blog-item-meta .Blog-meta BlogList-item-meta .BlogList-item-title { display: none; }
  6. Thanks @derricksrandomviews! I'm trying to hide on one and not the other. I used a summary block and can hide the date on the page but not the title and date on the individual post.
  7. @IXStudio Still not working. Hides date, shows title on Coaches page 🙂 Hides date AND title on individual posts on Coaches page 🙂 Hides date ONLY on Blog page 🙂 Hides date AND title on individual posts on Blog page 🙁 Need to show title on individual posts on Blog page
  8. @IXStudio I'm using the Blog page as both a Blog and a Team page. I need the Blog page to display titles and dates as a blog page normally would. But I want to hide titles and dates on the Team page. So I need to target that specific page with CSS. Images attached below.
  9. @IXStudio https://mvgymnastics.squarespace.com/coaches
  10. I used the code below to get the subtitle to align right with the title. Couldn't figure out how to do it in Site Styles. It doesn't stick in mobile view though. Help please? Thanks! #homepage .sqs-block-image .design-layout-overlap:not(.sqs-narrow-width) .image-subtitle p { text-align: right !important; }
  11. How do you apply to mobile view as well?
  12. Hi! I am trying to hide the date on both a blog page and the individual posts within that page. I am using the blog page as an "About our Coaches" page. I do not want the actual blog page for the site affected. I would also like to hide the title and date on individual posts for the "About our Coaches" page. The code below is working for the blog page but is hiding the date and title for the individual posts on the actual blog page. Am I missing something with the code? #collection-5f455f51abda56627b0f9b71 .Blog-meta, .BlogItem-meta, .BlogItem-title { display: none; } Tha
  13. It's been a while but if you're still out there would this code be injected in a code block, the page header code injection, or site custom CSS? Thanks!
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