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  1. In the Hayden template the switching of the language works perfectly but the actual switcher (I believe it's the #langNavigation) does not show up.Here is the photo showing only Squarespace's default menu, even after having inserted all the code and the flags: I uploaded the flags as PNG with the correct names ('en' and 'de'), as SqSp does not allow SVGs as files. I also inserted the above CSS and JS snippets in the correct places. I checked in the Chrome DevTool and I saw that the JS is correctly present but does not append any #langNavigation (well, anything at all actually) to the DOM. Maybe it's just matter of adjusting the selectors but I have no idea how to do it :)Would you or anyone be so kind to adapt the above code for the Hayden template? That would be awesome!!! PS. In the attached img, on the left, there is just the logo. I just erased it, as it's not relevant to our topic.
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