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  1. @Magic ToolboxIs this still something you need to pull in from another server or can we upload the files into the file manager in SS like most other plugins?
  2. Hey Kerstin! I know you have a blog post about memberships and that SS just launched there own. I did notice on your blog post you mention that you can do user progress tracking with Memberspace. How do you do that? I can't find anything that explains anything like that on their site.

  3. Thanks @tuanphan but my client decided to lose the checkbox altogether! That would be a great resource to share here though. It has come up for me before since every browser has it's own different look.
  4. following... My little bit of research into this seems to be that you need to hide the original checkbox and create a new pseudo element. Then you need to bind the click to it but I haven't gotten it to work.
  5. Hey @tuanphan or anyone else really, maybe im missing it here but I don't see how to change the hover for normal a links. Im trying to change them in the footer with this #footer-section a:hover { color: white !important; } Here's the link! https://ukulele-chipmunk-wrjn.squarespace.com/
  6. I'll try the long delay first to see how the client feels about it. Thanks!
  7. Yea, like I want the user to see it type up at the top of the page when they first arrive but then leave it alone. I guess I could set the timeout for some crazy long time but I was wondering if there was another way to do that. Might be a nice feature to add to the plugin, some kind of checkbox to have it run once or repeat.
  8. Hey @IXStudio maybe you can chime in here but does anyone know if this typewriter plugin allows you to type something once and then stop there or does it need to keep deleting and re-adding it?
  9. Did you get anywhere with this? I'm looking for the same fix.
  10. Site URL: https://kati-agocs.squarespace.com/news-new Hey everyone. I haven't been able to get this to work myself. Does anyone have any solutions for making the summary items in a news or blog page to all be the same height where the CTA is all lined up at the bottom? I've done this with custom code cards for pricing and things like that but I can't seem to crack it for the blog summary grids. This is the page https://kati-agocs.squarespace.com/news-new We're in the process of building out the page and the content. It could launch without this but I know I would probably use some
  11. Solution! I read a little closer through the SS guide on this and after turning off AJAX it seems to work perfectly
  12. Yes! It's an ID of a section on my home-page. For some reason last night I feel like when i was playing around it worked once but now seems to not work at all...
  13. Site URL: https://www.ivyhillentertainment.com So this seems crazy that this doesn't work but I'm wondering if it's because of the way that SS loads content.... I want to be able to share a link on social media or an email or something that links to a specific place on a page that is www.site.com/#my-anchor and desipite following even the SS help doc on this it doesn't seem to work. Here's an example www.ivyhillentertainment.com/#home-throw-a-party-title. SS also mentions something like adding the main page slug in-between the link and i've seen it in various places like this
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