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  1. Hi everyone. Since I get numerous emails about this I figured I'd share how I ended up doing it! Check out my blog post here for instructions: http://www.thewiredlife.net/blog/category/countdown-timer-squarespace-wedding-website
  2. Hi! So I'm designing a website for my wedding and would like to have a countdown timer replace the "September 17, 2017" at the top. I have the code/script for the timer, but the instructions want me to make a code block, which you can't do in headers. This is the page:http://www.meetusinthemountains.net/when-where/#details The CSS goes into the custom CSS editor which is fine, but it's the HTML and script that's stumping me. I tried putting both in the "Page Header Code Injection" for the index page, for the page itself, and then the script in the index and HTML in the page, but no luck. Nothing shows up. Anyone know where to go to put the code so it works?
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