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  1. I just wanted to add that in the Five template it doesn't work with just #header it is #page-header-wrapper in the menu Configure page --> Advanced --> Page header Code injectionThis removes everything on the top of your page: <style> #page-header-wrapper { display: none; } </style> I use Chrome to help find the id, you can right click on an element of a page an choose "Inspect" in the menu, it will open the source code at the position of that element and marks this section. There you find also the id= "#page-header-wrapper" ... If you go just on the logo you will see that it maybe has a different id, so you can find the element id's within the page-header-wrapper if you want to hide things separately. The page-header-wrapper is everything on top of the page, so on my page there is no navigation, no logo or background banner visible and the rest of the page moves up. Hope that helps others to identify id's and hide things on single pages.
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