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  1. Hi folks, in Squarespace 7.1 they've added a feature which loads the background image of a section only once you've scrolled to it. Generally, I really praise this move from Squarespace in order to make sites faster, but it is annoying when you reload a page you've already scrolled half-way down, and when you scroll up the images don't appear until the top of the screen is about 20% from the top of the image, so you're left with a blank area for the majority of the time scrolling through that section. I used to be able to manipulate the imagesLoaded function in 7.0, but I don't know how to trigger Squarespace getting the image src in 7.1. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks, Andrew
  2. Folks, this is the answer that currently works for me, as provided by @Octopus. <script> document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', init); window.addEventListener('mercury:load', init); function init(){ // javscript goes here } </script> Andrew -Digital Freelancer
  3. Hi, the only way I can see (I'd love it if someone can suggest a better way) is to disable the ajax loading. A massive thank you to Jason Barone for pointing this out on Twitter: Add this to code injection footer. <script>window.Template.Constants.AJAXLOADER = false;</script> Hope that helps. It helped me! Although I do miss the quick, smooth page loading Andrew Squarespace Expert
  4. Hi Vinko, you cannot use a standard text block, it must be markdown or a code block. The synatx is < del > and < / del >. Please remove the spaces inside the chevrons, I added these so that the synatx would show in this comment.
  5. Hi, just to confirm for people that find this question like I did, strikethrough does work in Markdown blocks on Squarespace (and FYI the red colour in this example is not the default styling) so you don't have to use a code block, but it definitely won't work in a standard text block (hint hint Squarespace, are you reading this?)
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