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  1. I was having this same issue on a 7.1 site with a centered nav. I wrote this CSS and dropped it into the Custom CSS section which seems to solve the issue. // Header Nav Width Adjustment .header-layout-branding-center-nav-center .header-title-nav-wrapper { flex: 2 0 100%; } .header-layout-branding-center-nav-center .header-actions--right { position: relative; right: 4vw; } The first value in the flex property basically tells the div holding the nav to grow to fill the space. However, this seemed to push the right side action buttons (cart icon, in my case) off the screen a bit, so I added the next line of code to move it back into place. A little bit of a hack job, but gets the job done.
  2. Site URL: https://vineyardcolumbus.org/contact-staff It seems that a common problem with providing a staff page for large organizations is how to enable contact links for staff members' emails without endangering their inboxes with spam due to malicious email scrapers. Squarespace does not currently provide an option for obfuscating or encrypting email addresses through the Link Editor. So my workaround for several clients has been to direct all "Contact Me" links to a single contact form on a separate page. However, it would be nice if we could pass a url parameter through to auto-populate a field in that form such as "Who are you trying to reach?" to essentially fill in that field for the user based on whichever staff members' contact link they clicked to arrive there. Here's the staff page I'm working on: https://vineyardcolumbus.org/our-leadership#leadership-campus-pastors-section where every Contact link directs to https://vineyardcolumbus.org/contact-staff My idea would involve setting the contact link for each staffer's gallery image (in the description field) as a text link with a href value of something similar to this: https://vineyardcolumbus.org/contact-staff?text-yui_3_17_2_1_1588078038493_298709-field=Charles%20Montgomery where... "text-yui_3_17_2_1_1588078038493_298709-field" is the id of the text field I want to populate (and though it contains a 'yui' seems to be a consistent id on any page load) and... "Charles%20Montgomery" is the value that would be plugged into that field if we clicked on Charles' contact link (and would display in the field as "Charles Montgomery") So what javascript could I insert on the Contact Staff page or header code injection that might accomplish this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. @HortonGroup – It seems like SS has changed the way color overlays work in the Brine template family compared to previous templates. This may have something to do with how they're achieving the parallax effect now and also in a way that protects large background images from being accessible (and stolen!) by a site visitor. When you set an overlay color in the Style Editor, it seems to take the transparency and apply it directly to the image (which is hidden from the HTML code) rather than using the rgba declaration on a separate div's background-color. To override this behavior and accomplish what you mentioned above about targeting one specific section and canceling out the overlay, I simply set the overlay color to 0% opacity in the Style Editor which effectively nullifies that style setting. Then in my Custom CSS, I added this bit of code to rewrite the global color overlay for all background/banner images: .tweak-overlay-parallax-enabled .Index-page--has-image, .tweak-overlay-parallax-enabled .Intro--has-image { background-color: rgba(15,40,45,.7); } Then, I was able to target the section I wanted to remove the overlay from via its section ID name: #mission { background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0); } ... where "mission" was my section/page title and my rgba settings cancel out any color from overlaying the banner image for that section/page. Hope that helps. I would love to know where SS put the background images and if they can still be accessible through the code.
  4. I am using the POWr Facebook Feed (free version) on my site, but it is flipping out on mobile and tablet views (iOS)... basically flashing uncontrollably. Any ideas why?
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