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  1. @creedon amazing plan! thank you.
  2. Hi @tuanphan I am hoping you can help me with a related endeavor. I need to hide one product from a client's general shop, but she needs to be able to share the link with clients who she's approved to purchase it. Obviously using the hide mechanism in the shop disables the url for the listing. I see the code you shared above, but am really not code savvy and wasn't sure what to do to make it go. The site is drisabelsweitzer.com. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for sharing your wisdom all over this forum, I am working on installing custom CSS on a 7.1 site for the first time and have found your answers so helpful! This code worked and I'm stoked. Curious if you can share the code/ if it's possible to change the font for the menu descriptions only. I'd like to make them different. Thanks so much! b
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