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  1. The support team sounded equally confused and unfamiliar with this feature. The use of a custom 404 error page to add some content (but not a banner image) to the Cart and Order Confirmation pages with Five and a business plan seems like a temporary hack. Squarespace may be in dire need of a platform overhaul to add more design flexibility to its web editor (less sub-templates, more sophisticated editor) and better integration with its commerce function.
  2. Hi @paul2009 Have you checked the link I provided? [Five template] "display content from their default 404 pages on order confirmation pages, shopping carts, and searches..." https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815328-Styling-your-checkout-page
  3. I am using the Five template (www.t1df.org). I have a business plan. It is my understanding that, with a business plan, I can't style the checkout page nor change the color of the cart button. But I should be able to style the cart and order confirmation pages (i.e. add a banner image and text, select a layout, etc.). The store cart and order confirmation pages use the styling of the default/unlinked system 404 error page. By creating a custom unlinked 404 page, it should be possible to style the cart and order confirmation pages. See: [Five template] "display content from their default
  4. You're right. I simply forgot to empty the cache, delete site data from Chrome. Duh! Thank you @tuanphan for checking!
  5. Here is the site: www.t1df.org. It displays very nicely in the site editor but not in a browser. The actual implementation of the custom CSS code fails to override the default color for the Donate link/nav element. I have also noticed that the Commerce page isn't always loading products properly (bizarre behavior when you select a product--i.e. product box moves on the page instead of opening the product window). That seems to be a broader backend issue. Finally, the checkout page does not use the design elements of the custom 404 page I created. This is very frustrating. One of th
  6. Yes, I did. As explained above, I have been using a logo instead of a title. See: www.t1df.org. When I started building the site, I played with the title settings and then forgot about it. When you use a logo, the title settings (font, letter spacing, etc.) no longer matter -- except for the fact that they control the display of the site tittle on a mobile device. The mobile-responsive version of the site doesn't use the logo. It uses the site tittle instead and displays it based on the existing settings selected for the site. The controlling settings are found under: Design > Site Sty
  7. Closed by Squarespace customer support. I am not using site tittle in my site (using a logo instead) -- I thus forgot to check the tittle letter spacing in the Site Settings under Navigation.
  8. I am using some simple custom CSS to control the color of the Nav links. It works perfectly in the editor -- but not with the site. I emptied the cache., etc... to no avail. The site Nav would not display the "Donate" text in white. Am I missing something? /* donate nav link */ #main-navigation li:nth-of-type(6) a:link { color: #FFFFFF !important; text-decoration: none; text-align: center; margin-left: 30px; margin-right: 30px; padding: 14px 20px !important; border: 1px hidden white; -webkit-border-radius: 10px; -moz-border-radius: 1opx; border-ra
  9. The site title ("T1DF") is displayed as "T" in the mobile site. I have a Five template 7.0 version. My understanding is that mobile behavior changes with 7.1. Has this bug been fixed? In the meantime, I can't figure out what to do to get the site tittle properly displayed. Any thought?
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