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  1. @creedon Yay!!! Yes! You are a genius. Thanks so so much for all of your help on this!!
  2. Oh goodness. So sorry, I must have forgotten to hit save when I entered the password. Thanks for your patience with me!
  3. @tuanphan and @creedon I was finally able to duplicate site. The rest of the duplicate site is not accurate, but I updated the shop<coffee page to be the accurate style, so we can test the code. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your help with this. Please let me know if this is what you need from me. YOUR WEBSITE: robin-gardenia-8efx.squarespace.com YOUR LOGIN EMAIL ADDRESS: jamie@jacdesign.net pass: VCCte$t2
  4. I just emptied the trash and it still is showing I have a 100-page limit. I'll contact support. That's got to be a glitch.
  5. I just tried to duplicate, and it says we have 100 pages, so I can't. 😞 I have no idea how we have 100 pages. Do they include products as pages? We definitely don't have 100 pages, but if you include our products then we might. Do you have any other suggestions by any chance?
  6. Sorry to just now seeing this! I had to take off the code that I tried because something was messing up our categories, and Squarespace help told me to remove it just in case that was what was causing the issue. The new website is being created just on the backend of our current live website. It's under a new template. I won't be able to put a sitewide password onto the website. Is there another way to test the code you created. Thanks soooo sooooo much for your time on this!!
  7. @creedon Thanks for your response. I'll have to say I'm not the best at coding, but just trying to understand I put this code (took out the style section. I'll have to figure that out somehow) into advanced<code injection<header <script> $( ( ) => { // begin add store category descriptions const urlCategoryDescriptionMappings = { /* if the description has single quotes in it then put a backslash before the single quotes. example: it's becomes it\'s */ '/coffeegroup?category=decaf' : 'trial trial.', '/coffeegroup?category=blends' : 'blends trial', // last or only item doesn't get a comma at the end '/coffeegroup?category=single+origin' : 'single origin trial.' } // do not change anything below, there be the borg here if ( location.pathname == '/shop' ) return; if ( ! location.pathname in urlCategoryDescriptionMappings ) return; const categoryDescription = $( '<div>' ) .text ( urlCategoryDescriptionMappings [ location.pathname ] ) .html ( ); $( '<div class="nested-category-description">' + '<p>' + categoryDescription + '</p>' + '</div>' ).prependTo ( '#content' ); // end add store category descriptions } ); </script> If that is accurate, then unfortunately it's not showing. I may have done it wrong since mine are categories and not actually pages, but I thought she had described categories but it looks like maybe they were pages?
  8. Hello, I'm trying to do the same thing, but I"m not on version 7.1. I'm on Bryant Template 7.0. I've tried using the code, but it's not seeming to work. I've attached a screenshot of what I'm looking for. I'm doing a site redo with the new template, so my client's current visible site is viennacoffeecompany.com but that is with dovetail. It would be so helpful if you could direct me in the right direction on how to add a description to each category on the product pages. Thanks so much in advance!!
  9. Site URL: http://viennacoffeecompany.com I'm wanting to send out gifts to our top online customers. I don't have the customer accounts setup yet. (I didn't actually know that was a thing until I tried looking for how to do my request.) Does anyone know how I can find my top 10 customers. I've downloaded the customer profiles in a .csv but it shows their all-time purchases not just this year. So I have a couple top customers who haven't ordered with us at all. Please let me know if you all know of a good way of doing this. Thanks!!
  10. Site URL: https://www.deeperrootscoffee.com/coffee We are adding a sample bag of coffee to our items, but we don't want the view of each product to say "from $3.00 (price of the sample bag)" on the main coffee page and the quick view. Is it at all possible to have each product not show the option of the lowest price in the "from _____" section? For example, we'd prefer it to say, "from $14.75" instead, which would be the second lowest price. I've add a screenshot of what I'm talking about. It's the yellow circled area. Thanks for your time!
  11. Thanks @RyanDejaegher. I'm afraid that google will index the page and that menu page will show up on google search results which will probably get a lot of searches because it's a menu. Is there a was to disable the link for tablet/desktop?
  12. Site URL: http://deeperrootscoffee.com Due to Covid, a client has their customers wait outside and only one person can go into their coffee shop at a time. During the wait we'd like for our customers to be able to see our menu and whole bean coffee offerings easily. We were going to post a QR code to direct them to that page. Is there a way to make that link only accessible on mobile devices? It won't be attractive on a desktop because it's just a list, so we don't want desktop to be able to view it. Is this possible? If so, how do I go about doing that? Thanks for your consideration!
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