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  1. I recently needed to do the same thing, although it was a group of 3 images in the footer area of my site. There are two (pretty easy) ways to do this that I found that involve using the "Filename (Optional)" field when you click edit on each individual image. You can essentially use this like a class name in CSS because Squarespace uses it for the "alt" attribute on the image in your code. You can easily target specific alt attributes. If you named your image "my-awesome-image.jpg" then you would be able to add the following code to your Custom CSS to target it: [alt="my-awesome-image.jpg"] { border: 5px solid red; } If you don't care about your site being semantically correct you can give several images the same "filename" in their editor and target them all at once with one line of CSS. If you used the filename "add-drop-shadow" then your custom CSS would be: [alt="add-drop-shadow"] { box-shadow: 0px 0px 10px black; } Something to note: You might need to add the !important tag to your css to make it take priority. Some themes may override your styles even if your target them correctly. [alt="add-drop-shadow"] { box-shadow: 0px 0px 10px black!important; }
  2. You don't need jQuery to get the current year. Plain old javascript can do that just fine, but if you want other text with the current year you'll need to add that in to the javascript as well. Insert a code block in your Footer section. select HTML as the type and make sure "Display Source" is unchecked. Then paste the following code. <script type="text/javascript"> var date=new Date(), year = date.getFullYear(), text = "Copyright " + year + " - YOUR COMPANY NAME", html = '<div class="text-align-center">' + text + '</div>'; document.write(html); </script> If you don't want the text aligned to the center you can remove "text-align-center" from the div's class. Hope that helps.
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