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  1. @GlynMusica Yeah, the tag part I have figured out, but thanks! I'll try the Google forums as well in case no one here has an answer.
  2. I recently created a Google Tag Manager variable for my client's website that is successfully firing. (It helps identify which client account is logged in and navigating the site without revealing any personal information.) I would like to surface that variable as a parameter for GA4's standard "page_view" event, but I can't figure out how. Has anyone had luck with this? I can create a whole new event via GTM solely to surface the variable, but I would rather pass it as a parameter inside "page_view". I have been trying to figure out a way to identify the variable in the "New va
  3. Being the case that I want to keep UA running parallel to GA4... Does this code replace the existing UA code, or should I keep them both in the injection? If the answer is "replace," the footer would then be blank, correct? Also, I imagine that this option OR GTM is sufficient, but both aren't necessary?
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