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  1. Hi @tuanphan - Yes if possible - all the nav menu options, button and cart icon in one line across the width of the page below the logo Is there a way to do that?
  2. Hi @Web_Solutions Just wondering if you would be able to help me with a similar issue - I would like to get the button and the cart to sit along side the main nav menu items - at the moment they sit above and when I try to move them down it ends up sitting overtop of the nav, rather than along side it. Is there any way to do this? Site: https://bloom-skin-aesthetics.squarespace.com P/w: Leah2022!
  3. Also is there anyway to have it disappear on scroll? At the moment it is a permanent/floating menu
  4. Hi @Ziggy Thank you for your help on this one 🙂 I have added the code and tweaked the padding to enable the nav to sit just below the logo - It worked great apart from the folder dropdown visibility - Unfortunately the folder items are popping up off to the left side of the screen when I hover over them - Is there any way to edit this to have them appear in line/over the nav menu?
  5. Site URL: https://www.bloom-skin-aesthetics.squarespace.com Hi, I am in need of a bit of help here. I am trying to establish a left hand sidebar navigation (rather than the top-horizontal layout currently included on my template). I have managed to get the navigation to sit over on the left side of the screen just below the logo, however I cannot get the Nav text to sit left-aligned (only the nav folder items). Can anyone help with this? Also is there a way to have this nav/menu disappear on scroll - stuck to the top of the page rather than being a scrolling overlay? This is what I have put together based on different threads I found - not sure if it is all relevant: /*vertical navigation*/ .header-nav { width:1%; position: fixed; padding-top: 15%; z-index: 1000; text-align: left !important; } /*nav text alignment*/ .header-nav-list a { text-align: left !important;} .header-nav-item a {text-align: left !important;} .header-nav-item--collection a {text-align: left !important;} Website: bloom-skin-aesthetics.squarespace.com P/word: Leah2022!
  6. thank you!! @tuanphan Really appreciate your help 🙏
  7. Hi @tuanphan - Just wondering if there is something to help me edit the footer gallery grid display from 2 columns on mobile view, into 3 columns? Link: www.liskprojects.co.nz (the logos in the footer area are what require editing). Any help would be much appreciated 🙂
  8. Thank you!! Also is there a way to split the button/link text so that it is two lines instead of the one? Eg: About Us / Ko wai mātou would become: About Us Ko wai mātou (also can this text be a different colour fill)
  9. @tuanphan Hi 🙂 I am needing the same answer for site: www.auconsulting.co.nz - Is there anyway to split the english and māori for each navigation link into two lines? and if possible fill the Māori text in a different colour?
  10. Hi Creedon - I have just tried to add the code provided to enable all of my navigation links to be replaced with buttons - Can you please have a look and let me know if I am missing something - I cannot seem to get this to work: www.auconsulting.co.nz
  11. Site URL: https://krill-grasshopper-kdzd.squarespace.com Hi Everyone, Just wondering if I could get some help with css code to get the text/content links I have created in the footer section of this website to sit centered (rather than the text sitting to the default left alignment as it currently is). Password to access is AU2020 This template doesn't have the footer menu option like some so I have had to create it using Content Links instead. Any help much appreciated! Thanks
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