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  1. Apologies for the incorrect url. Here's the correct one: https://www.jeannemjuneau.com/graphic-design
  2. Site URL: https://jeanne-m-juneau.com/graphic-design Hi! Does anyone have any custom code for Gallery, slideshow, simple: 1. increase size of arrows. they are missed by many user testers 2. increase size of captions Thank you!
  3. actually the white space above the footer is still there on my mobile device but not on my laptop.
  4. I eliminated it by changing the footer section height to "Small" instead of "custom 0". There's still too much of padding but maybe I have to live with it like that?
  5. Thank you! There is now white space above my footer, small on desktop but huge on mobile. is there any custom code to eliminate it?
  6. To clarify: the excerpt links won't work now.
  7. Dang! Except that now the links in the text won't work. Maybe I should have asked this question: Is there a way to change the thumbnail link to a different link?
  8. Thank you! I found the section id, used this div#page-section-60fb7c850fd9d65c7436c370 a { pointer-events:none;} and it worked. No more linked blog thumbnails. Many thanks for your help.
  9. Site URL: https://jeanne-m-juneau.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'd like to disable the blog thumbnail link. Is there any custom code for this? I'm using the Summary block Carousel to display some portfolio work using the forward and back arrow navigation to scroll between my portfolio pieces and don't want the image to be linked. I've tried this custom code, below, but it does not work. Does anyone have custom code to disable the blog thumbnail link in a summary section using the carousel? https://jeanne-m-juneau.squarespace.com/web-design pw is 123 /* disable blog thumbnail link */ section.blog-image-wrapper { pointer-events: none; }
  10. Thank you so very much for the suggestions. It is a work in progress and I appreciate your suggestions! I added the code and there's still quite a bit of padding above and below the gallery slideshow. Is there another snippet I should be using? Also I reduced the padding on the footer, thank you!
  11. I have portfolio hover on another page and there's still too much padding. Is the custom code you provided specific to the home page?
  12. Thank you so much! That worked great. I appreciate your help. How would I change/decrease the padding on another page? Specifically, a page like this with text and portfolio images below?
  13. Site URL: https://jeanne-m-juneau.squarespace.com/ Hi, There's too much padding at the top of the portfolio section on my home page, above the words. Does anyone have custom code to reduce it? (Site is in work in progress) Also, what should the page widths and site margins be set at? Many thanks! pw 1234
  14. Thanks, yes, I guess that could work too. What html specifically would I add there?
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