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  1. Thanks, Derrick! Yes, I realize the example is a WP site. I was just hoping to replicate the idea in SS. The main goal for us is to be able to have the sort filter. I accomplished this by using tags in the blog feature. I'm trying to avoid custom-coding a page, but as you stated, that may be what we have to do in order to have a playable video in the summary block. I appreciate your feedback!
  2. Hey all! Can playable videos be used as thumbnails in your summary block? We have several testimonial videos that we would like the user to be able to sort through. I've created a blog, used tags, and then the summary block to make this happen. I hoped to replace the summary block's thumbnail with a playable video. Here's my page: https://www.navigatethejourney.com/video-test pw: summary Here's what we're trying to replicate (screenshot) & link.
  3. I'm using the simple list feature and wondered if there is a way to add bullet lists inside the content box. Here's a link: navigatethejourney.com/bullet-lists Password: squarespace
  4. Here's a screenshot. Since the site is already live, I've put some custom CSS on every page to temporarily fix the issue, but I'd like to try to figure out a universal fix.
  5. Site URL: https://theaboutherpodcast.squarespace.com/ Hi there! When I add a simple <div> tag to my header code, I'm getting some extra padding added to all my pages. When I remove the code, the padding is not there. It only happens in the first container/section on the page. Any thoughts? Here's my code I injected in the header: <div class="logo-title-container"> <div class="logo-title"> <a href="/home"><h1> Abigail O’Neel </h1> <h4> <em>ministry wife, podcast host, &amp; bible teacher</em> </h4></a> </div> </div>
  6. Hey, all! I was looking for this solution as well, but for the Archive block. I've edited the original code. Now the Archive block will display your posts in alphabetical order as well. Here's the code: <script type="text/javascript" src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ if( $('.archive-item').length != 0 ){ var categories = []; $('.archive-item').each(function () { categories.push({ categoryName: $(this).find('.archive-item-link').html(), listItem: $(this) }); }); categories.sort(function(a,b) { var c = a.categoryName.toUpperCase(); var d = b.categoryName.toUpperCase(); return (c > d) ? 1 : ((d > c) ? -1 : 0); }); $.each(categories, function(index, object){ object.listItem.appendTo(object.listItem.parent()); }); } }); </script>
  7. Hey, all. I figured it out. Here's the code if you need it. Also, I added some JS to put the blog posts in alphabetical. If you'd like me to drop that in here, let me know. .archive-item { display: flex; width: auto; } .archive-item-link:after { display: flex; content: ''; width: 0px; height: 3px; transition: width .5s ease; } .archive-item-link:hover:after { width: 100%; background: black; }
  8. Sure! Password is: NewSite2022! Thank you!
  9. Site URL: https://yellow-pufferfish-93g7.squarespace.com/ I'm trying to add an animation hover to the list of links in my archive block. I just want the underline to go from right to left when the user hovers over a list item. I've tried some different code, but I can seem to figure out the class to put the code on. .archive-item-list { text-decoration: none; position: relative; } .archive-item-list a:after { content: ""; height: 2px; width: 0; position: absolute; background-color: black; left: 0; bottom: 0; transition: all 0.7s; } .archive-item-list a:hover:after { transition: all 0.2s; width: 100%; }
  10. This doesn't seem to work on 7.1. Any suggestions?
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