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  1. 2 points

    SEO Expert AMA: Matt Callahan

    Hi JGutierrez, Matt, I want to know how to add Schema Markups in SquareSpace to get featured on the SERP sections?
  2. 1 point
    Can you share link to your site? -- Bed, good night ☺️
  3. 1 point
    Your site is SS 7.1. To add caption to gallery images, follow this guide.
  4. 1 point

    Date display format options

    I'm working on a blog for a client and they'd like to have the blog post date displayed in a certain format on the blog page and blog post page. Unless I'm blind, I don't see any format/display options for dates. On the blog page itself, dates are showing up like this: 03/04/20, and on the actual blog post, the date shows up like this: Mar 4. I'd love to see ability to control date formatting (numbers, month names, hide year, show year, change the delimiters, etc). At the very least, be consistent across pages!
  5. 1 point

    European Telephone numbers

    Just use Form Field called "Number" instead. People can write wrong number but i think its the best solution...
  6. 1 point
    Hi @brandyglows, I can absolutely recommend @paul2009 if you need a mega menu plug in, he's amazing to work with! Good luck!
  7. 1 point
    try editing iframe code to this <iframe name="SMB" src="https://www.smokymountainbuilding.com/" width="1920" height="1080" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" class="frame-area"></iframe>
  8. 1 point

    SEO Expert AMA: Matt Callahan

    A recurrent comment from clients/prospects is: "[random person] told me that no Squarespace website will ever be as good as a Wordpress one for SEO because you can't use Yoast plugin with Squarespace". I have my own set of responses to this, but I'd love to hear yours, Matt.
  9. 1 point

    SEO Expert AMA: Matt Callahan

    What prompted you to build your new site on Webflow versus Squarespace? And what differences in search performance have you seen as compared to your older site?
  10. 1 point
    Hi, I need some help with a hover effect for video. I'd like to achieve the hover animation effect like on youtube or this site: https://www.visuals-internationals.com/ Ideally I'd like the thumbnail to be a still image, as you hover over, it turns in to a gif, and reverts back to still image when the cursor is moved. I'd like to use this in a gallery as well as a standalone video. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  11. 1 point

    SEO Expert AMA: Matt Callahan

    Is it best to have Squarespace host domains to reduce DNS lookups in order to avoid a slow site load speed? Or would you suggest using CloudFlare? This is assuming other site speed factors are already optimized (images, minified css, js, html, ssl, etc).
  12. 1 point
    What's your best advice for keyword research without investing in one of the expensive tools?
  13. 1 point
    Hi Matt I use SEMRUSH (https://www.semrush.com/) to co-ordinate SEO activity for a number of Squarespace sites I maintain. When I run the SEMRUSH site audit tool, I notice the same warning coming up regarding Squarespace using uncompressed JavaScript and CSS files. Do you think this is a "real" issue and if so.....is it something I can fix? Thanks Damian
  14. 1 point
    Been trying to "work" the parallax option for an hour only to discover after some frustration that the new update does not support it. Please tell me this is false. Unless, is there another way I am unaware of? Such a shame Squarespace. Taking out one of the best aesthetic features (in my opinion) and honestly the only reason I used Squarespace in the first place. Seems as the company are adding more restrictions deliberately to make them less unique from their competitors. Great. Edit: Have decided to switch from this platform. Screenshot.mp4
  15. 1 point
    Try this code: <style> .page-banner-wrapper {display:none;} </style>
  16. 1 point

    7.1 removing text link underlines

    Looks like they use a background image for the underlines instead of text decoration or borders, so this worked for me in the CSS Editor: a {background-image:none !important;}
  17. 1 point
    Paid plugin also available If you're frustrated with tutorials and want a quick solution that definitely works, check out Squarespace Click Traking Plugin. It's a paid solution, but a few dollars also makes it 100% sure to work. Money back if it doesn't and 1-on-1 support provided if you have any problems. The Squarespace Button Block is basically a link as any other, so link tracking is what you need. And it's what our plugin does. The plugin tracks outbound links, internal links, file downloads, button links, social media links etc.
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