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    Missing Breadcrumb

    TLDR; The solution depends on your site structure, template, overall content, what type of product you're selling, and the logic around what constitutes as a root or a node. A one-size-fits-all solution is complex. Squarespace gives a lot of flexibility to have one-to-many relationships with categories and tags but the site structure itself is fairly flat. With any breadcrumb strategy, particularly history based that you're looking for, you still need to incorporate a fair amount of business logic to determine a proper root to destination mapping. For instance you wouldn't want something as weird as "Home -> Shop -> CategoryA -> ProductA -> Home -> About Us..." as a breadcrumb or really any slice of that. Once the user goes back home the breadcrumb starts over. So that breadcrumb has to keep logical history and determine what constitutes a new node, a deleted node, or a complete reset to root. You also need to keep in mind SEO and what you're looking to gain from that as well since bots do tend to look at breadcrumbs for clues to your site structure and relationships. Other popular breadcrumb strategies are; Hierarchy based (logical structure from root to end destination), Attribute based (great for apparel or products with deep configuration). Actually, I don't know of any sites that truly use history based representation of breadcrumbs and are still logically manipulated to get a consumer back to a location that will maximize conversion. Basically Hansel and Gretel may have left breadcrumbs to get back home but on their way back somebody moved those breadcrumbs to make sure they passed by a marketplace of particular treats they might be most interested in before they reached home. One complaint I see a lot of is not showing 'Category' in the breadcrumb. When you go to a Shop page you may see a URL like : https://somesquarespacepage/shop and can cull down to a category using querystring like so: https://somesquarespacepage/shop?category=hotpants With some clever use of the 'code block' on each of the relevant pages utilizing 'sessionStorage' and 'location' you can create a breadcrumb that can read Shop -> HotPants -> ProductA. For ultimate flexibility and for complex requirements you may need to go into Developer mode to take advantage of JSON-T.
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    Adding 360 turnable image to products

    That sounds great! And @IXStudio is working on having a 360 viewer extension here as well!
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