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    This worked! Thank you so much man!
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    Thank you!
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    .Header.Header--top>div { background: red !important; }
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    Nav moves around while page loads

    Squarespaces code does it based on the size of the logo image. It also sets the padding of the first section based on that. There isn't a way to fix it, that I have found, anyway.
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    Nav moves around while page loads

    Squarespace adds the class "loaded" to the header after it loads. So its not applying your CSS until that class is there.
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    Maybe it depends on the browser. I refreshed it many times using Chrome and see no movement or change at all.
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    Individual Colors for Links

    Amazing, thank you so much RWP.
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    Code to fix banner in Bedford template

    It's not your fault @SugartoothTours. The code posted above isn't valid. However, rather than trying to change the way Bedford crops the banner image, the more reliable solution would be to remove the text/graphics from the image so that the cropping isn't an issue. This will make the banner image clearer on mobile too. You can then add the review banner text and graphics as a separate item using an Image Block that won't crop.
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    Individual Colors for Links

    Thank you RWP!!
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    7.1 Swap block order on mobile

    Each section needs different code. and it seems they don't have a specific rule
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    Embed a Google Map to a Page

    Add this to Code Block\ <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/@/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!11m2!2sJELkjnI3bHkxJdR0ZAaKS3MatXY3yA!3e3?shorturl=1" width="100%" height="500"></iframe>
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    How can I create this line with CSS?

    The <div> code goes in the block. Css goes in design -> css
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    How can I create this line with CSS?

    Use a code block and insert <div class="bar"></div> Add CSS (you may have to adjust size and location) .bar { border: 3px solid black; width: 100%; height: 30px; border-bottom: none; position: fixed; background: transparent; top: 0px; left: 0px; }
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    I cannot comment on this particular service as I haven't used it. If it were me, I'd select a couple of products and then take advantage of their free trials to test them out first.
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    Anyone can set up one of these using their website domain name. Coding isn't necessary unless you need to customise it beyond the built-in settings (very much like Squarespace). They'll provide instructions to help you add some domain name entries so that your forum can be forum.your-domain-name.com whilst your Squarespace website is www.your-domain-name.com.
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    Individual Colors for Links

    Set the color of the <a> tag and don't use the markdown short hand. <span><a href="/silicon-valley-insured/#myvaluables" style="color: indigo;">My Valuables</a> 💍</span>
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    You have white font on a white background. That is the title area.
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    @nonaforevs this worked perfectly. Thank you for your time and assistance! Very much appreciated.
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    Embed a Google Map to a Page

    Are you using a Code Block? If so, uncheck 'display source' inside the block. If you'd like to send us the exact code here and the URL of your site it will be easier to pinpoint the issue.
  21. 1 point

    Image Block Text on Mobile

    Add to About Page Settings > Advanced > Header (If you use Personal Plan > Insert Code Block) <style> @media screen and (max-width:640px) { } .design-layout-overlap figcaption { margin-top: 50px; } } </style>
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    I'm new to squarespace and didn't realize I was using 7.1 instead of 7.0. I found a bunch of tutorials to add scroll hint arrows but none of them worked for me in 7.1.... After following your instructions your scroll arrow worked perfectly in my site! Love the bouncing feature and looks great on my homepage. Thank you so much for this!
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    Squarespace will let you do that already, if you set a summary block to the blog, set it to be 3 blocks wide, with a max of 3 items, it will pull the latest 3 posts.
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    image spacing on mobile (SOLVED)

    Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS @media screen and (max-width:767px) { div#page-5db65cba7161a11f1870d85d .span-12>.row:nth-child(4) .span-2 { float: none !important; margin: 0 auto; } }
  25. 1 point

    7.1 Duplicating or Saving Sections

    Hi Holocene_X, I am looking to duplicate just a section within a page, not the whole page. This solution worked great with anything before 7.1 because made use of Indexes, and each "page" was a section, but I am looking to duplicate that experience with 7.1 and am not finding a way, and replicate just certain sections more quickly across several pages. (Unless I'm totally missing something, and Indexes are able to be replicated in some manner in 7.1)
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    This worked for me in 7.1: (shortcut version is at the bottom of this post) 1. Click on menu items as follows: 2. Home menu>Design>Colors>Section Themes 3. Find the Section Theme that's giving you trouble (ex. White Minimal) 4. Click on the pencil icon 5. Scroll to the Image Block where the problem is occurring (ex. Image Block Card) 6. Find "Image overlay" and click on the dot to the right (mine was maroon) 7. A color palette opens. Click on the top left corner of the palette or use the slider at the bottom to make the color white. 8. Wait a second for the change to take place. You should see the dot change to white. I think you can also do this directly from the image block itself by going to Pages, clicking on the page you want to edit, click Edit, then hover over the block that's giving you problems. Click the pencil icon to edit the block (not the image), then click "Colors" in the pop-up menu. The theme you are currently using should be highlighted. Click on the pencil icon on your current theme, and it takes you to the Section Themes design page and you can follow steps 5-8 above.
  27. 1 point

    How to add category to breadcrumbs?

    I would also love to be able to do this and haven't found anything just yet. I'm not sure why it's not built in, as a customer all you can do is go back to main page of shop? Should be: Shop>Category>Item
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    How to add category to breadcrumbs?

    I have products organized into categories. I'd like the breadcrumbs to include the category. So, for example in screenshot, Instead of "Decorative Art > Pair of Buddhist Temple Flowers, Japan", I want the category "Interior Design" to show between the two pages.
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    Responsive Full-Bleed Header Images

    Try adding to Home > Design > Custom CSS @media screen and (max-width:767px) { [data-section-id="5e8b63ddf180012b00255915"] { min-height: 30vh !important; margin-top: 100px; } }
  30. 1 point

    Why are my YUI id's changing in 7.1?

    Yes. Here's my guide to the IDs you should and shouldn't use: In Squarespace, what are the differences between #block-yui and #yui selectors?
  31. 1 point

    Hiding the Hamburger menu from mobile

    If you use Business Plan, add this code to Page Settings > Advanced > Header <style> /* Hide burger */ button.Mobile-bar-menu { visibility: hidden; } /* Hide mobile header */ .Mobile-bar.Mobile-bar--top { display: none; } /* hide footer */ footer.Footer { display: none !important; } </style> If you use Personal Plan, add this to Home > Design > Custom CSS. #collection-5ea442a78315084d6dba22b4, #collection-5ea4433089503f2e48088ef6 { /* Hide burger */ button.Mobile-bar-menu { visibility: hidden; } /* Hide mobile header */ .Mobile-bar.Mobile-bar--top { display: none; } /* hide footer */ footer.Footer { display: none !important; } }
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