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    Hide Logo on One Page

    To hide logo on One Page, add this code to Page Settings > Advanced > Header <style> h1#logoImage { display: none; } </style>
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    Custom CSS not working at all

    For the <a> another style is using a rule that is more important than what you are writing, in this case you need to add ! important after the color code, which makes it stronger and ignores all the subsequent rules. For the <h1> there's a typo - in color code you should write color without 'u'. However, I recommend you changing your header colors using the native tools instead. Go to Design > Style and change your main colors there 😉 a{ color: red!important; } h1{ color: red; }
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    No, any gallery. This just happened to be a gallery of product images.
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    Great to see you this morning! Thanks for the time.
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    This worked for what I want, @tuanphan it didn't zoom out the image, but it made the top visible by making the text margin bigger, very creative. Very nice. Hopefully this can help other people who have this problem with their banners in Squarespace... Seeing as I doubt squarespace is gonna make this easier for us.
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