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    Using Henson template, wondering if it’s possible to have the index slideshow be a fixed landscape ratio or smaller/lower so the header isn’t on top of the gallery? Adjusted the header padding as much as possible, only seeing issue on mobile cropping in portrait. Maybe worth recreating index nav style with a different template? Super grateful for any help or ideas! scurtoworld.com Password:blep
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    @tuanphan Thank you! Worked like a charm.
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    .collection-type-gallery.gallery-design-grid .slide .slide-meta { display: block !important; position: absolute; z-index: 999; color: #fff; left: 0; right: 0; background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); padding-left: 20px; }
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    The thing is that Google Page Insights are more for developers who have access to the websites underlying code and structure. Unfortunately Squarespace doesn't offer such access and there for Google Page Insights isn't really the best tool to use when looking at the speed of your website. In general all Squarespace websites rank low however I have just switched to version 7.1 of Squarespace and am achieving a score of 50 for mobile and 89 for desktop. So this is something that Squarespace is working on but I imagine that their efforts will be focusing on version 7.1 not 7.0. As for a better tool to use, I would recommend Pingdom. See how quickly your website loads, what is slowing it down. Pingdom will highlight things you can actively change like making sure that your images are properly compressed. Also make sure that you are using a single font throughout your website as this can also slow things down if multiple fonts are being loaded. https://tools.pingdom.com
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    @jordandixon Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS .index-item:hover .index-item-title { display: none; }
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    Embedding code from Society6

    @mattmatthew you should be using a Code Block, it's surprisingly simple once you get used to the scripts being blocked while logged in ... here is a quick tutorial I recorded with your script. Works exactly as intended: http://quick.as/AYwsDP7P
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