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    Squarespace supports limited platform logos. These logos automatically display when you add a URL from that platform in Social Links. All other links are show as generic link icons. I want to change the generic link icon into a social icon of the platform XING. I did not find any custom code and would be more than happy to find a solution for this.
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    I've got a one-page website, but obviously each section has its own url slug. This isn't a problem by itself, but when a user goes directly to one of those section URLs (www.gabrielmolinamusic.com/services , for example), they are taken to a separate page with only that section. Instead, I want the URL to take them to the anchor point for that section on the homepage, so they can still scroll up or down to see the rest of the page. I hope that makes sense. My website is www.gabrielmolinamusic.com , and you can see the problem by going to the slug /services or /works for a couple of examples. Squarespace support had no answer other than blocking those pages with a password, but I was hoping there is a way to accomplish my goal with custom code. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    That's not where you inject it.. Put it in Design > Custom CSS
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    Adding App Store icons

    You can use a graphics package to run the EPS images out as jpeg/png. Alternatively, a quick Google shows that many people have run out jpeg/pngs in the past, so use one of them.
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    @ashleylgould Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS. replace monospace with your font nav.index-navigation.collection-nav * { font-family: monospace !important; }
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    I too am having this problem. The Link Editor dialog shows only 20 files. How do I delete files that don't show up there? Because i need to replace the files with updated ones without creating new hyperlinks.
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    Something to consider on the Hayden template: Using a fixed announcement bar may cover up the navigation undesirably when scrolled to the top of the site. Using a fixed announcement bar may cover up the navigation when the on-scrolled navigation shows up. To deal with these, you could use "sticky" instead of "fixed" and hide the navigation when the user is scrolled down the page. To do that, use the following CSS: .sqs-announcement-bar-dropzone { position: -webkit-sticky; position: sticky; top: 0; z-index: 10001; } .show-on-scroll-wrapper.show { display: none; } -Brandon
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    @JamesRogers Add to Home > Desing > Custom CSS footer.Footer { display: none !important; } Reference: https://beaverhero.com/miller-squarespace/#Remove_Footer
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    Unfortunately only physical products are supported. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001257067-Tagging-products-on-Instagram
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    @AustinRandall: Tuan is correct that it is easiest to provide (and test) solutions if you provide a site/page URL and the view-only password if applicable @basakatac: You might consider asking a new question instead (and providing the info mentioned). You may also find the following helpful, since this question has been asked quite a number of times before. Although the exact CSS used varies based on template, version and your logo, the methods still apply. Methods used include: Using :before and/or :after pseudo elements Using CSS Filters (best if simply inverting black to white or vice versa, but will work for some color logos) Using Javascript to change src attribute In general, if using the CSS Filters approach (#2), you can target the logo in 7.1 like so (using your own collection-ID as applicable). By including the collection ID in the CSS, you no longer have to worry about only adding the CSS to specific pages, because the rule itself specifies which pages to apply to. #collection-5d9e907ec1f67f503cab5fc8 .header-title-logo img { /* For black/white */ -webkit-filter: invert(100%); filter: invert(1); /* Or for converting color to white, something like this (depends on logo) */ // filter: grayscale(100%) brightness(350%); } Where to I insert this code? You add it via the CSS Editor How do I find my collection ID? You can identify the collection ID by using your browsers developer tools/inspector and viewing the ID of the <body> element. The other methods listed above (#1 and #3) are also viable. Related Links: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/82174-tremont-template-how-can-i-keep-a-white-logo-in-the-homepage-and-a-black-logo-everywhere-else/ https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/3424-different-logo-for-mobile-nav-bar/#comment-19904 https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/2566-change-logo-for-specific-page/#comment-14932 https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/61248-changing-logo-colour-on-homepage-vs-other-pages-marta-theme/#comment-263327 https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/22800-forte-changing-black-logo-to-white-logo/#comment-211315 https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/5214-change-image-colour-on-hover-for-one-imagepage-only/#comment-29997 And many others
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