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    I'm working with a lot of text blocks on my site and I'm wondering if I can add more drop-down options to the text formatting bar. By default there are: Normal, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Quote, Code Can I add custom CSS to create new options here, or do I have to add code blocks to format the text? If I need to add a code block to do it, how?
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    I want to have multiple blog contributors, but there doesn't seem to be a permission that will allow this. Is there any way to either (a) lock the other non-blog pages from contributor access, or (b) specify which pages/blogs a contributor can access and add to?
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    Where do I add JavaScript?

    Where do I insert JavaScript while on Squarespace, or do I have to do this via another method? I know where to insert HTML (Code Block) and CSS (Code Insertion et al). I am at a loss for where to insert JavaScript. Please help a neo-coding individual. Thank you.
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