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Welcome to Squarespace Forum

Follow these guidelines to ensure the Squarespace Forum is a welcoming and helpful place for all users.


Make sure you’re in the right place

This forum is a space for Squarespace users to ask each other questions, collaborate, exchange best practices, get feedback, and post resources for collective use. 

For help with your Squarespace account - including billing, domain or other topics that require personal information - please contact Squarespace Customer Support.


I. Respect Others

Squarespace Forum is a space for all Squarespace users to contribute and receive assistance. No conversation should include hateful messages targeted at a person or group based on their Squarespace proficiency, race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity. 

  • To keep conversations productive:
  • Ask clarifying questions.
  • Request additional information that’s needed to provide a complete recommendation.
  • Focus on actions, steps, and processes in your responses.
  • Lead with a helpful and encouraging mindset.

Moderators reserve the right to close posts and suspend users at any time if these guidelines aren't followed. Please help us keep the forum a productive and positive space by flagging any posts that violate these rules.


II. Stay on Topic

The primary goal of this forum is to surface content that’s educational, inspirational, and relevant. To keep conversations focused, all posts should be relevant to the platform.

We reserve the right to move or remove off-topic comments or sub-conversations, and to edit a post’s content so it’s easier to find.

To keep conversations streamlined and productive, please:

  • Search the forum for related posts before creating a new post.
  • Start posts in the proper category.
  • Don’t divert a topic by changing the subject midstream; simply start a new topic.

When starting a post, provide clarity and context by including key information such as:
a detailed description of the question or problem

III. Soliciting for Support or Business

While we hope users are able to find solutions and guidance through this forum, some questions or requests may be better served by hiring a designer.

To hire a designer or developer, see our Squarespace Marketplace program. There you can browse Squarespace’s professional community or submit a brief to be matched with an Expert based on your project needs. Should you meet a forum user you’d like to hire, please reach out to them in a private message or via email.

For designers (including Squarespace Circle members) keep in mind that the main Squarespace Forum is primarily an educational resource for Squarespace’s DIY users. When responding to posts, we ask that you offer a solution or general guidance. Please call out any affiliations with a service or solution that you’re suggesting. 

We do allow offering services and resources that are relevant to community members’ business goals (ex. plugins) within reason.

Best practices when promoting your services:

  • When responding to posts, offer a solution or general guidance before offering your services. 
  • If offering a solution that you are affiliated with, clearly state that connection.
  • If a forum user follows up offering to pay you to implement a solution, take the conversation to private message or email.
  • Do not post the same promotional message multiple times in the forum.

You are welcome to identify yourself as a professional designer or developer in your forum profile, linking your portfolio or Marketplace profile.


IV. Always cite your sources, and do not plagiarize

If you reference any resources from the forum in other places such as your own materials, ask the original poster, cite your sources, and give credit where it is due. 

Repeated complaints may result in the removal of your forum account and/or deletion of your Squarespace account. For more information about reporting copyright violations, visit our Copyright Policy.


V. Supported Languages

The Squarespace Forum is supported in English only. We reserve the right to remove questions and/or comments posted in other languages.

Our Customer Support team is available via email in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish


VI. Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Squarespace doesn’t track feature requests or bug reports in this forum. If you’re having an issue with the platform and believe it may be a bug, or if you have an idea for a feature or improvement, please contact our Customer Support team. 


VII. Terms of Participation

By participating in this forum, you agree to adhere to its guidelines and Squarespace’s Terms of Service. Circle members must also adhere to the Circle program’s Terms of Participation. Failure to do so may result in post removal. Severe abuse of the forum may result in harsher penalties such as limited posting permissions, or indefinite forum suspension. We reserve the right to enforce these guidelines at our sole discretion.