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  2. Site URL: http://susanmulvey.com I'm making a website of my mother's jewelry, and she has some handmade gold necklaces (with price tags over $1000) that have their pendants and chains sold separately. Since she makes mostly one-of-a-kind items, I don't like having to list the pendant as $1200 alone or $1850 with the chain as then my cart thinks I have two in inventory. I would like to list the pendant as $1200 and the chain as $650 without having the store page show a photo of the pendant and say "from $650" as that's just the chain. Not showing the price on the store page for just those items (I like to show it whenever I can) would suffice, but I would prefer to show the price of the pendant and ignore the lower price of the added chain. I've considered moving the chains to a separate and hidden page with just a link from the pendant product page to also purchase the chain, but I'd prefer to have them in the same listing if possible. Please let me know if anyone has advice.
  3. mjmjmjmj

    draft orders

    Hi, is it possible to create draft orders and than send the pre-filled checkout page to client to pay? lets say if they order in person or sth... thx, mj
  4. Site URL: https://capao.squarespace.com/checkout Hi Everyone, I'm trying to style the logo for the checkout page. On the main website (https://capao.squarespace.com/) I have the logo to the edge of the page and at a certain size. For the checkout page I can't figure out how to target and edit it? The problems I'm looking to solve are: 1. Have the checkout page logo match the style of the home page. 2. Make the logo un-clickable. I have A&B pages sharing the same cart and checkout page and I don't want the B page viewers to have access to the A pages. 3. If neither of those 2 options are viable I'd like to hide the logo completely. I've tested the following below but all these have been unsuccessful. .Logo-link-BPzKv { pointer-events: none; cursor: default; } #sqs-standard-checkout img.Logo-image-2huvT { display: none !important; } body #checkout .Logo-image-2huvT { display:none !important; } .Logo-image-2huvT { max-width: 500px; max-height: 500px; } If anyone knows how to target items on this page that would be really helpful!
  5. So, we can do this, but I need to know what you want the menu to do when it becomes too long for the available space. Do you want it to go above the logo, or do you want it to start stacking vertically on the right?
  6. Hi tuanphan THX a lot for your help! I can see the picture after putting the code in a code block but cant see any magnifier glass effect....I'm working with the template pedro... Any ideas why?πŸ™‚ Angela
  7. Site URL: https://www.nickbarr.co Hey, Square Space must have done some sort of update, my mobile site now displays the images in blocks of two now, used to be one. Anyone know how to change this back to a single image in a row?
  8. Hey there, are you able to share the full code needed? I added in the jQuery 3.5.1 script but was confused where to add images and format the above.
  9. Is there any way to add text via html to JUST the Summary Descriptions and not product descriptions on checkout page. @tuanphan i understand you could add a "Read More" link to the product description, but that would be confusing when the customer is on the actual product checkout page and sees that "Read More" button in the description there, which would just bring them to that same page they are on. If possible, could we add the "Read More" button to JUST the summary block and not the actual product checkout page. It seems that squarespace used to have the ".summary-read-more-link" property for the summary block but now removed? Don't know why they would remove that feature. Also would be nice to be able to have summary block descriptions unique from the product checkout page description
  10. Hi @tuanphan I am also having issues with getting the footer smaller on mobile - have tried some of the codes above, but none are working. See attached. I'd like the logo to be smaller, and the newsletter fields to be smaller. Ideally, everything would be left justified (logo and social links) as well, if possible. Can the social links be on the same line as the Follow Us text or does it have to be below? Thank you!
  11. Today
  12. Thanks Paul, much appreciated.
  13. The cart/checkout will slide in on the right side of the page. You can downgrade from a Squarespace Commerce plan to a Business plan, if you don’t want to use the commerce features of Squarespace.
  14. Thank you for the help! It seems to work when the percentage us under 30%, I currently have it at 28%. But ideally, I would want the site title to stay the same px size.
  15. Just belatedly seeing this post - could it be of any help to only allow in-store pickup to local buyers? You can determine in each shipping method who it's offered to, so you could only offer that one to folks in your state, or to certain zip codes in your state, and then it would at least stop offering local pickup to anyone far away. It won't help with offering the free options first for your local buyers who want you to ship it (I'm still waiting for that fix too), but it's a start.
  16. Hi Paul! Thanks a lot for the detailed info... this is very helpful information. When a customer initiates the checkout then and the site uses shopify, will it run seamlessly through squarespace... as in so it looks like it's running through the same website in squarespace or will it redirect the customer to a checkout on shopify? What I meant by question 4 was, annually you pay the subscription to squarespace for the using th shop feature... I just went through it now again to double check and I think I've answered my own question because I thought that payment was to stripe, but its for the whole site... so thats a void question :)
  17. Thank you for this! It's what I've been looking for πŸ˜‰
  18. How can I get a facebook review approval before it goes to my website?
  19. This cannot be done.
  20. Hi I wrote a guide about using Shopify Buy Buttons with Squarespace that may help you. To answer your specific questions: 1. if switching, will it screw up my facebook pixel? When a customer adds a product to the cart, this transaction and the remaining steps to checkout will not be occurring on Squarespace, they'll be happening on Shopify. The pixel on Squarespace therefore won't track AddtoCart, InitiateCheckout, AddPaymentInfo, Purchase and so on. Shopify has similar features. 2. when I switch over will it affect other payment methods i already have connected on the site such as paypal? The Shopify checkout will replace the Squarespace checkout. Your Squarespace payment integrations (PayPal and Stripe) won't be used. 3. would I have to rebuild each product description again from 0? There are various ways to integrate them. As a minimum, you'll need to add some basic details (including an image) for each product within Shopify. 4. is there a way to get a refund of the remainder of the stripe subscription considering I have not used the full year subscription? Can you clarify what you mean? I'm not aware of any subscription costs to use Stripe.
  21. Site URL: http://https%3A%5C%5Cwww.adjojewellery.co.uk Hello, Is there anyway to change the font size on the iPad version, it's overlapping my logo on the right side and is moves down on the left, see attached. My website hasn't launched yet so would appreciate some help. Thanks
  22. When pasting active campaign code into the code injection where exactly should I be pasting it. I'm told in the footer but where exactly in the footer. ActiveCampaign says: " For Site Tracking to work, you need to paste the tracking code that we provide into each page of your website. In general, we recommend placing the code in the footer as this is the easiest way of having site tracking work on all pages. However, you will need to review the documentation provided by your Content Management System (CMS) to make sure the placement of the code is correct. In addition, they may provide a solution that allows you to only paste the code once, and have it display on all pages. " I attached a picture of the website's current footer code. Should I just hover my mouse after </script> on line 34, enter once to line 35 and then just paste on line 35?
  23. I also need help with this in 7.1. The Style (background colors etc) of My Shopping Cart page is defaulting to a Dark section color theme. Why can I not select which Section Color Theme I want to be applied to this page? I have looked everywhere! Does this have to be done in Custom CSS across the board? Attached are screenshots. I want that yellow background to be white.
  24. Site URL: https://www.oanadu.com/ How can I make the photos from the main page grid to lighten instead of darken, when I hover over them? Like on this site https://www.larajade.com/
  25. Site URL: http://www.frotteedimare.ch/test-info Hi all! Please check the gallery carousel on the very bottom of the page. Im trying to set it to a fixed height so that there is no resizing of the images when resizing the browser window. Cant figure out how to target it. Any help would be appreciated very much! Thank you. Jan
  26. I have one more question Tuanphan, can you help me please? How can I make the photos from the main page grid to lighten instead of darken, when I hover over them? Like on this site https://www.larajade.com/
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